Mister C's Training

Well since I’m starting my training tomorrow I figure I should keep one of these to track my progress. I’ve already completed a good aerobic base and this week’s microcycle is looking something like this.

6/14 - 6/18
Monday - Acceleration
Tuesday- Tempo
Wednesday - MaxV
Thursday - Tempo
Friday - Acceleration

Edit: It just occurred to me I never put my background in, so here it is.

Age: 15 (16 in July)
Height: 5’11"
Weight: 143lbs (Need to put on some more muscle)
BF: 10% (approx)

100m: 12.7 (taken in practice, I think I’ve gotten slower though:(
110hh: 19.8 (HT)
300ih: 48.6 (FAT)

I’m unhappy with my hurdle times cuz I know I should’ve gone faster last season, but I was hampered by a back injury that kept me out for almost 2 months. Thats why this season (outdoor) some of my goals might seem rather lofty but to me they are attainable through hard work and proper planning.

100m: 11.5x
110hh: 15.6x
300ih: 41.xx

Those are my goals, and if I make them I will have set a school record in the 110hh (our school record is pretty bad at 15.7, compared to most schools in our area which have sub 15 records). Also, these times would put me in position for top 3 at league championships in the hurdle events.

Monday - 6/14

Well today was a disappointing day for me. I felt fine when I woke up and got out to the park, but I think I didnt warm-up enough because my hamstring was tight before I even started my first run. I’ll let my numbers speak for how sucky today was.

Note: The entire workout was on grass (no access to track) with standing starts, which might account for the slower numbers, but I’m still not happy with it.

AM Workout: 8:00-9:30

Warm Up
3x50m Buildups (Warm-up)
8x20m at 3.41, 3.37, 3.32, 3.35, 3.47, 3.43, 3.41, 3.28
3x40m at 6.15, 6.10, 6.19
Squat Jumps 4x8
Cool Down

Weightlifting was a little earlier than expected, but it went well. I dont have the weights cuz I forgot to write them down but I was pleased with this lift.

PM Workout: 12:00 - 1:15

Power Clean 1x5, 1x4, 2x3, 2x2
Squat (Full) 1x5, 1x4, 2x3, 2x2
Bicep Curls 6x4
Dips 3x6
Tricep Pushdowns 1x6
Leg Extensions 4x4
Leg Curls 4x4

Tuesday - 6/15

Today I had a little soreness in my hamstrings, quads, and shoulders when I woke up so I’ll either go to the pool or head up to the park for some tempo in the afternoon depending on when I can get some free time.

Tuesday - 6/15 continued

Well I made it out to the park today for some tempo. Only thing was, the park I normally go to had a baseball game going on (I normally do my tempo in the outfield cuz its nice and flat) so I had to go another 1/2 mile or so to the nearest park. The drawback was, I was walking so I walked another half mile, did my tempo, and then walked about a mile home. I hope all the walking doesnt mess up my training. When I got home I enjoyed a nice, long 30 minute contrast shower and a good dinner. I’ll need it cuz tomorrow’s the hardest day of the week.

Tempo 8x120m about 60%

Wendesday - 6/16

Today wasnt as hard as expected, but its becoming brutally aware to me that I have gotten much slower that I used to be. Also, my heart rate has gone up 3 beats since the beginning of the week so hopefully it will level out and come back down at some point. Here’s today’s workout at MaxV.

AM Workout 8:55 - 11:00

Warm-Up (jogged about half mile today)
3x50m Buildups (Warm-Up)
6xFlying 20m (30m run in) 2.79, 2.63, 2.78, 2.53, 2.68, 2.83
The first three times above I timed myself cuz my partner was late, the last 3 were timed by him. I think I need to add some more rest between each run cuz 2 - 3 minutes isnt cutting it.
15 Minute Break
Weight Room - Today was more volume and less intensity
Power Clean 4x5
Benchpress 4x8
DB Raises Lateral/Front 3x8
Alt. DB Shoulder Press 3x8
Wide Grip Pull-ups 6x4 (instead of 4x6 cuz by now my arms were dying)
Barbell Shoulder Shrugs 4x8
Seated Cable Rows 2x8, 2x6
Light Abs

Then I had a nice lunch, contrast shower, protein shake, and, despite my efforts, I came home and just crashed at 1:30 and I willed myself out of bed at 2:30. I was so tired, but I dont wanna mess up my sleep or it justs ruins the next day. Hopefully I’ll make it to the pool tomorrow to ease up my workload, but if not I’ll head out to the park again.

Thursday - 6/17

Well today was a good day for me. I woke up feeling fresh from yesterday’s workout, and my heart rate has gone back down to normal. I was gonna do tempo this morning only to have my dad come into my room as I’m getting dressed telling me we have to go run some errands. As it turns out, we’re getting a new weight set and it’ll be here tomorrow :cool: We went out and looked at it, paid for it, and got some food. So that pretty much has made my day and pretty much my entire summer. I no longer have to go the gym and this makes planning my workouts a lot easier. Of course, I havent done my tempo yet today cuz I dont like to workout in the middle of the day when its all hot out here in california. So if I’m up for it I’ll go for a light jog tonight to make up for it, if not, oh well.

Thursday - 6/17 continued

Well today I managed to completely blow off my training. Instead of doing my tempo in the evening, I got a call from some friends to go see a movie. Well I went and my dinner turned out to be some movie nachos and a drink…ewww. Anyways, I’m gonna have to remember to get my stuff done in the morning to keep this from happening again.

Friday - 6/18

YES! Today was probably my best training session I’ve had this year. Of course the one day I feel like everything’s clicking I forgot my stopwatch:( But this morning was great. I felt like I had good turnover, kept solid technique at top speed, and felt quick on my acceleration. Here’s how it went

AM Workout 9:00 - 11:20

3x50m Buildups (warm-up)
4x20m (100%, full recovery)
3x30m (100%, full recovery)
2x50m (100%, full recovery)
Weight Room
Jump Squats on Bear Machine 4x4 (140, 160, 210, 220)
Inc. Bench Press 4x8 (100, 115, 120, 120)
DB Chest Flys 4x8 (20, 20, 25, 25)
Good Mornings 3x8 (65, 75, 85)
Seated Cable Row 4x6 (110, 110, 120, 130)
Tricep Pushdown 4x6 (70, 70, 70, 70)

Saturday - 6/19

The training yesterday caught up with me today, and my hammies are killing me. So last night I just hopped into the pool and swam a little, and so I figure that’ll be used as my tempo session that wouldve been done today. Today I’m just gonna sit back and relax and then tomorrow I’ll finish setting up my home gym. Its looking pretty good so far, and I’ll break it in on monday. Anyone else gonna be watching the meet up at Oregon this evening? I’m gonna tape that bad boy and review it over the weekend. Thats pretty much my weekend update…

Saturday - 6/19 (continued)

I just finished watching the Pre meet here on the west coast and I was pretty surprises with the results. In particular Crawford taking the 100m over a stiff field that included Mo Greene, Justin Gatlin, and Tim Montgomery (wats up with him lately though?). Also, the 110HH race was a thriller with Larry Wade and Allen Johnson pulling through with identical times but Wade winning with the lean. I thought Johnson had it but Wade just put on a huge burst over the last hurdle to get him the win.

On a side note, my hard copy of Speed Trap arrived this afternoon around 2:00 (I ordered almost a month ago from a used book dealer and stupidly chose the cheapest shipping option) and I just cant put it down. I’ve already read about 150 pages, and its just good stuff. Also, I finished Periodisation: Theory and Methodology by Tudor Bompa last night, and I will be incorporating a lot of his ideas into my planning and training. Its also gonna help me with my peaking this year. Guess I’ve got a pretty busy weekend of reading now.

This week is gonna be a tough week for me, because on Wednesday I start football in the afternoon in addition to my own workouts in the morning. With that said, here’s this week’s microcycle. Since football starts on Wednesday afternoon, I’m taking that morning off to get ready. I’ll be treating football as a tempo session as time goes on.

6/21 - 6/25
Monday: Accel
Tuesday: Tempo
Wednesday: Off
Friday: Tempo

Monday - 6/21

Today was a pretty decent workout. My running got cut short because the city had to do some construction or something at the park I was training at. Also, my last (6th) 20m time surprised me so much that instead of running the planned 6 I ran one last one to make sure the timer didnt mess up or something. Well, it turns out he didnt and I got the exact same time, so thats a good show of progress. I’m attributing that drop in time to a change in my start between my 5th and 6th runs. I used that thing recommended in Speed Trap where you breathe in and hold your breath throughout the entire run. It works. I also added in longer rests between sets today, which is why its a longer workout than usual. Lastly, I noticed a big difference between my times from this week and last week in both the 20m and 40m, so hopefully this kind of progress continues.

Note: All sprints were handtimed on grass with standing starts

AM Workout 10:00 - 1:00
2x50m Buildups (warm-up)
7x20m 3.25, 3.22, 3.25, 3.21, 3.22, 3.03, 3.03
2x40m 5.63, 5.53
Weight Room
Full Squats 4x4, 1x3
Good Mornings 5x6
Leg Extensions 3x6
Leg Curls 3x4
Pull-Ups 4x6
Lat Pulldown 1x6, 2x4
Barbell Curl 4x5

Tuesday - 6/22

Today was alright. I’ve come to the conclusion that I like to do my training in the morning. Once again I was up and ready to go out for my tempo and once again my dad walked in and told me I had a doctors appointement:( Well that ruined my morning because I had to get a blood test, and I hate needles! So I spent the rest of the day eating and watching TV to get in my last day of laziness before 6 weeks of football (which starts tomorrow). I also did my tempo in the evening to make up for the loss of tempo in the morning.

Tempo Sesson
10x120m 50-60%

Wednesday - 6/23

I have football this afternoon, so no training this morning. Hopefully they take it easy because its the first practice of the summer and I’m sure most of the people on our team will be out of shape.

Wednesday - 6/23 (continued)

Well today’s football session turned out to be equivalent to a tempo session. We basically just scrimmaged 7v7 all day to get ready for a passing league tournament this weekend. Since today was an offensive emphasis and I play mostly defense I went in sparingly and when I did go in I took it at about 70%. Unfortunately, they did make us weightlift so I’ll just change my own lifting program to fit the football lifting into this week. I escaped with doing the bare minimum.

Bench 1x12, 1x10, 1x8
Inc. Bench 1x8 (I was lazy and skipped the other sets)
Seated Cable Row 5x5
Tricep Pushdown 5x5
Lat Pulldown 5x5

Thursday - 6/24

Today was a decent workout, although it was a little later than usual for reasons out of my control. Since it was later than usual, there were a couple people at the park and they kept staring and giving me funny looks like I had dropped in from another planet. I mean, jeez, all I’m doing is setting up a couple of cones and running for a while and they act like I’m some freak. Well here’s what I did this morning, I have football again this afternoon with either power cleans or squats for weightlifting in the evening, so I’ll have that up later.

Note: All sprint run in spikes on grass

AM Workout 9:45 - 11:00
2x50m Buildups (Warm-Up)
7xFlying 20m (30m run in) 2.47, 2.60, 2.53, NT, 2.47, 2.69, 2.65

Thursday - 6/24 (continued)

Well football sucked today. We had done practice, we was nice and easy, and then the skill players headed into the weight room to get out lift in. Well me and my lifting partner had just finished our two main lifts and were about to go and do our auxilaries when the defensive coordinator (who was supervising) got pissed that some people had already left the weight room and had gone home. So to punish US for something THEY did he cut our lift short and made us do ab work for 20 minutes! What a friggin ahole. So instead of getting a chance to finish my lifting this is all I did, although I guess I got some good work with my core, which I had been neglecting lately.

Power Clean 3x6
Power Press 3x6
A Bunch of Abs

Friday - 6/25

Today’s football was equivalent to a tempo session. I did have a good practice, and I might get a look at WR this season after what my coach said was “an impressive performance” during practice against the starting defense. Hopefully that happens, and tomorrow we have a 7v7 passing league tourney in Redondo Beach. So I’ll be over there for the day and then hit the beach up after the competition is over. Till tomorrow…

Saturday - 6/26

Man, today was tiring. We did alright at our passing tournament, but we didnt come through when we needed to and finished 4th out of about 15. Not so bad, considering we’ve only had 3 days of summer practice so far. But the sun was killer, and I’m really tired. Other than that the day was uneventful, and I’m taking tomorrow off and starting back up on Monday, where I hope to see some more of the progress I’ve been getting.

Here’s the microcycle for this week 6/28 - 7/2

Monday: Accel Dev
Tuesday: Tempo (In the form of football)
Wednesday: MaxV
Thursday: Tempo (In the form of football)
Friday: Hills or Accel Dev/Max V (depends on how I’m feeling)