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Well, I am trying to avoid the lifts that will bother them. So far, bench, deadlift, and squat don’t seem to do anything at all to them, but some of the OLs cause intense pain at low weights.

That sucks. I messed up my shoulder when I was 13 doing heavy db presses, guy that was spotting me wasn’t paying attention and being a dickhead and my shoulder popped out…hurt for a couple months. I found doing oly lifts with just the bar and up to 90lbs really helped it out but I guess your shoulder must be pretty bad…that sucks.

How much are you doing on bench right now? Have you tried push ups?

why use the ols at 90lb just to get the heart pumping, go do tempo running.

Stimulus change, practice of oly lifts, takin the injured joints through different planes of motion in one go, and targeting his goal of explosive speed because they’re not static lifts.

He can’t do them anyways so it doesn’t matter anymore. I just think if hes going to be pressing it should be DB (which you said anyways) and a LOT of bodyweight stuff.

even if he could do ols i dont think during them at any weight would be a good idea with a unstable shoulder like cf said earlier. theres other things you can to do to provide a stimulus change.

It’s strange because that’s what I thought when I had my injury, but they really seemed to help. Obviously I was just doing them with the bar and a 25 on either side at the very max but still.

If it pains him to even do oly lifts though,that’s a major issue.

I think it’s just a difference in our injuries, gad3. I just have problems with certain motions more than strength issues, I think. My shoulders will sometimes catch fire just from me reaching out in an awkward way.

Your injury sounds…awful. Bad spotters deserve to be punched, IMO.’

I’m doing pushups daily. Usually around 100, but at a pretty slow pace for each. Sometimes I use clap pushups instead.

My bench workout ended last night with 1 rep of 185.
I’m thinking of maybe going with the suggestion in this thread though, of staying in the 8-12 rep range for a few sets.

Wow that sucks. Wierd that your fine in certain planes…

Yes thats a good idea…keep the reps high no 2-4 strength building sets. If you can , and I still suggest this, use dumbells rather then a barbell.

Unfortunately, I’m working out at home and we don’t have any dumbells here. What’s the advantage, exactly?

Because the bar is straight you have to align your body to the bar, where as with dumbells, the the bars on the weights are aligned to you. Advantagous because you can put them in a position to suit you. As well, the weight on dumbells are centered for each where as the barbell is centered across the bar, so the load on the arm with a dumbell is greater. Dumbells are just overall better for rehab because their so adjustable. For instance, your injured shoulder will be weaker than your non injured so you could use dumbells to isolate the injured shoulder. Etc etc.

Cool, thanks, I’ll see what I can do.

Is it good/bad/okay to deadlift and squat on the same day?

a rookie could probably get away with it, but an advance athlete probably not.

Good luck :smiley:

You could…it all depends on the intensity and how well you recover from workouts. Squats and deadlifts are both fully body lifts which means that each one will take a lot out of you. If you were doing a workout with both at a medium heavy weight I’d say Monday and Friday you could get away with it. If your doing more a bodybuilder set/rep scheme (as you should be with your injury ;)) then maybe Monday/Wednesday/Friday if your eating properly, getting proper rest and recovery, and having very light workouts that are not intensive on Tuesday/Thursday and leaving weekends free. Basically you have to accomidate your high intensity work equally with days of low intensity.

Does that make sense? I typed that real quick so…

Agreed :smiley:

I just had my left shoulder surgically repaired, so any actual lifting is far off, I’d just like to revisit something in here

Every major sprinter seems to have a HUGE chest, even if they’re not that big otherwise.
Is there actually an advantage to hypertrophy in the pecs, or is this just something gained from actual max strength building?