Microcycle Planning

anyone have any thoughts about how to set up a microcycle for horizontal jumpers? this is what I’m thinking of doing and the order…what do you think? right now we are about a month from our first meet.

mon - tech. drills (lj focus), speed dev, plyo’s
tues - ext. tempo
wed - tech. drills (tj focus), bounding, runway dev
thur - ext. tempo
fri - speed dev, plyo’s
sat - hills
sun - off

my main question concerns wednesday. should i move the runway dev work to fri to go along with the speed dev or maybe move bounding to fri? when i look at this i want to break up the wed session…just don’t know how to do it exactly. thanks for any help!

I might move the bounding to friday especially if you’re doing a lot of TJ tech work wed.

after talking with another fellow coach…how about this.

mon - tech work (lj), speed dev
tues - ext. tempo
wed - tech work (tj), bounding
thur - ext tempo
fri - speed dev, runway work
sat - hills

any other suggestions?

that works too.

Earlier season cycle:

Mon -tech work LJ + box plyos
Tues - Speed
Wed - Ext tempo
Thurs - Tech work TJ + bounding
Fri - Speed
Sat - Ext tempo

I’m currently doing -

Mon - approach work, tech LJ, speed (optional) Wts+Plyo’s (double foot)
Tues - Ext tempo, MB
Wed - Speed, tech LJ, Wts+Plyo’s (double foot)
Thurs - Ext tempo, MB
Fri - SE (splits), bounding, Wts
Sat - Ext tempo, Hurdle mob

In SPP 2 I’m starting TJ and the heavy plyo’s to go with it-

Sat - Speed, Wts+PLyo’s
Sun - Ext Tempo, MB
Monday - Approach work, Tech TJ, Speed (optional) Wts
Tuesday - Ext Tempo, MB
Wednesday - SE, Tech LJ, Wts
Thursday - Plyo’s (inc. hops bounds) weighted vest, 250 contacts.
Friday - rest