Gay Edges Powell In 100

same here so look at

notice Gay give his hammy a bit of a feel afterwards, hopefully all ok.

Looked like Powell took a mis-step around 80-85m and it threw him off rhythm-sort of like Surin in Seville in 99.

Mis-step my ass, he’s a choke.

That’s why he took a mis-step, because he can’t seem to keep it together.

he didnt choke when he beat bolt. the only man to beat bolt since he began his reign of destruction

He did the same after his first run, but came back 1 hour later anyway. Hammy seems to hold.

Bolt let him win but whatever makes him feel good.

Thank you. First real comp this year and his ass CHOKE!! When you allow someone to run your ass down like that, it’s unacceptable especially with his talent level.

If his hammy is injured, it’s a matter of time before it blows.

I think he took the foot off the gas a bit, he thought there was no way Gay would catch up.

I agree he does choke it up though, sucks cause he’s one of my favs.

For some reason I bet this haunts him the rest of his career. Didn’t and doesn’t sound like they have figured out why this is chronic.

It could be as simple as They always Look at his Hammie and Not other muscles that can effect Hammie tightness - eg hip flexors.

I’m not saying that they don’t, after all, you don’t leave many stones unturned getting to His speed levels

Maybe. Some people speculate that his tempo based long to short program (at least that is what we hear he does) could be a culprit. The reason being he trains at a much slower speed than he races at. The speeds he is able to produce in a race his body is not ready to handle. I remember Charlie speaking of this as well I believe.

I have thought exactly that. He does not, IMHO, do enough of the quality of work to adequately prepare his body for the speeds he will later encounter in races. It’s similar to the criticism that Hart’s program has received re: MJ to a degree but, in particular, a number of his other athletes who were often injured.

Remember that he had surgery in september last year, so his options vis-a-vis high intensity work were limited this winter anyhow.
After his 400m pb Tyson was quoted as saying that this was his first run on spikes. Not long after that he did the race in Manchester going full blast. So he might have gone from something like 10.2 on shoes in training (if that) to racing sub 9.9 in just a couple of weeks. A more gradual approach might have been warranted.

I agree with this, the forces at sub max speed vary compared to race pace therefore adaptations to speed need to be in place before racing.

Yeah, 6th August in around 25 days time.

Paris (FRA) Friday
Monaco (MON) 22.07.2010
Stockholm (SWE) 06.08.2010
London (GBR) 13.08.2010
Zurich (SUI) 19.08.2010
Brussels (BEL) 27.08.2010

For all the people in the UK, The Paris meet is live on BBC 3 at 7pm this Friday 16th July.

Usually its Eurosport that screens it but I don’t think that is the case this year.

Most people think the reason he got injured in the first place was possibly due to the long to short tempo based program.

Injuries happen in all programs but his seems to be chronic and related. I don’t remember hearing that he was injured until he started blasting low/sub9.8’s.

I can see two reasons for injuries. 1 is the overload and recovery isn’t balanced. 2 as boldwarrior says the opposing muscles. are his mechanics right.

Insufficient warm-ups, Muscle tightness/flexibility issues, Dietary/supplementary issues could be other reasons.