Michael Johnson(Beijing WC 2015) compares styles of bolt, bromell, Gatlin


-interesting regarding the analyzation of bolts initial ‘cloggy’ seemingly apparent almost flat footed accel strides

he has a point regarding bolts upper body but to call him cloggy…lmao! MJ was a great athlete but as a tv presenter hes very unpopular and very crictical

MJ is a dick on the same level as carl lewis.

He’s making good comment about athletes of how they should conduct themselves in front of cameras, etc… Having said that he’s not an expert in biomechanics.
In his trip to Jamaica (documentary) he was giving speech to young athletes as the endurance and speed endurance is a priority and they will get you there.
Certain things he’s been saying over the years are great the other just rubbish.

He has gotto be kidding, I see Bromell’s left foot pointing to the finish line in lane one.

Well said.

As Johnson is a product of Clyde Hart who, with all due respect to his athlete’s success, represents as one dimensional linear approach as there is (totally void of true speed work) we can see why MJ regurgitates the same principles to other athletes.

MJ ran 10.09 at USATF nationals in Knoxville in 1994 (which I saw in person), 4 years after graduating from Baylor. I think his high school 200m PR was reported as a 21.3 (likely hand time?) in Sport Illustrated (I know, not much of track resource) though I had heard he only trained 2-3x/week in high school and was very much under-trained prior to entering Baylor.

That said I do agree with the limitations of such an endurance focused program. Jeremy Wariner had a high school pr of (I believe this is the correct time?)20.59 and a wind aided 20.41 and a 400m time of 45.57 also in high school.

It is very sycophantic how no one at the BBC provide alternative perspectives. Its almost, lets just agree with everything MJ says.

Reporter: If you had a usual running technique like other runners do you think you would go faster?

MJ: If I ran like all the other runners, I would be back there with them.

But now MJ thinks that the guy who broke his record multiple times is doing it wrong. OK. I’m an “ends justify the means” kind of guy.

My thoughts exactly…

Check, I completely messed the timeline on his 10.09. Time to edit…

Look at bolts feet, they go from front to back and when it matters everything is heading towards the finish. If he did not bring his knees across his body his feet would not move forward and back as they do.

When a coach teaches an athlete, it is assumed the athlete knows all the coach does. All the coach teaches is what that athlete needs. Guess MJ only got simple instructions. He was a great athlete.

Michael Johnnson keeps peddling speed endurance and it’s what got him shallacked in the 150 match race with Bailey in Toronto. Yea it’s important, if you can run 12.1 meters per second… If you can only run like 11.6 like johnson, its pointless for a shorter race. He’s talking about the 100 in this video. He took a stupid bet with BAiley who he thought would fizzle after 100, except Donovan Baily ran on the 4x1 sometimes running 130 meters and there was no signs of slowing up much. I really don’t think Johnson knows what hes talking about. Or maybe he annoys me and that’s why I’m being a jerk. He was a great long sprinter, his ideas for the 100 seem 1940s ish…

Mike knew he had guaranteed money in that match race…