Miami Strength Program

I read this morning that Kellen Winslow Jr. could only do 315x3 on the bench press upon arrival in mini camp. His coach said that he was a very hard worker and this was simply from the fact of his college’s poor S&C program.

Maybe it was from him being lazy and not working out after the combine. He did like 24 reps in the bench test so I would think he could bench at least 400.

yep, i’d bet my money on the fact that he just took some time off from the gym.

…simply from the fact of his college’s poor S&C program.

Miami doesn’t place any emphasis on max lifts. Rarely will an athlete perform less than 5 reps. Many of Miami’s players in the league go back to train with Swasey in the off-season so he must be doing something right. There are other factors at stake as well. Weather, women, night life, etc…that south Florida offers.

Maybe it was from him being lazy and not working out after the combine.

I know Swasey prepares his players for their combine and pro workouts like no one. His wife was a former sprinter/presently track coach I believe. Much of their running is based on track type training. As far as increasing 225 x reps, he’ll use extended reps, short RI, high reps with less weight, instead of increasing 1 RM. So perhaps Winslow’s bench is in indication of his preparation for the combines not to have a big 1 RM. What’s the difference, he can play the game. Whether he can bench 285, 315 or 375 will have very little if nothing to do with his success on the field this season.

I’ve done 28 reps with 225 before. If I peak correctly for a meet, I might hit 390 without a shirt. Repetition strength has virtually nothing to do with maximal strength after a certain threshold is passed.

Shockey was benching about 330 upon entering the league and he turned out alright.

I don’t kow anything about swasey, just the type of players he produces. He must be doing something right in the speed development department. That was just the opinion of his S&C Coaches (Westside Guys).

I can see how a 225 rep test has nothing to do with maximal strength.

i have seen a sample of this guys work, he is doing no producing. he is simply getting the best talent in the nation and they are making him look good in spite of his program.

I agree, it’s not about what’s wrong with what he’s doing, but what’s right!!

So Miami strength program suxs because one of their athletes Bench press is sub par? I almost forgot how important an athlete’s max bench is to his football playing ability!?!?!

Why then bench at all? If you are going to lift, do expand the quality.

i have seen a sample of this guys work, he is doing no producing. he is simply getting the best talent in the nation and they are making him look good in spite of his program.

ESPN3, hang on a second. With all due respect, you’ve put your foot in your mouth on this one. Sounds like your Nikes are getting consumed with some sour grapes.

Do you know that Kellen came into Miami at 208 lb and had a 28" VJ at WR. Left at 245 with a 35"+ VJ at TE. If you had knowledge of scouting reports, which are available all over the net, Miami almost never has the top recruiting class, yet they are consistantly in the top tier of DI programs in the country. So I guess Swasey doesn’t know what he’s doing.

The best talent in the nation? Yes they have talent. Maybe the best talent in south Florida. In my previous posts I explained the passion of HS football players in the Miami area and their desire to play for the Canes. Don’t all the other top DI schools have top talent as well or have the Hurracanes cornered the market?

What proof do you have that his concepts don’t work. The past few years they’ve been the at the top in DI and put a record number of players in the league including many first rounders. Yes, S&C is only a segment of what is needed to win football games. But it’s a segment that plays a large role in player development because of the time spent in the weight room and on the grass. A player may have contact with his positon coach for 5-6 months. With his strength coach its more like 11-12.

Not only is Swasey bright but he is an outstanding motivater (sp). He has a huge role in taking all that “talent” and molding it into the winning machine. It a previous post I wrote about the passion that is taken out of training by coaches eager to show how smart they are. Swasey puts that emotion back into the Canes training. He puts the winning attitude into all that “talent”. Its certainly not Coker’s fire and brimstone pre game speeches.

As far as Shockey’s bench goes, 330 is not impressive and it’s his ability to catch and run tacklers over that has made him a good tight end.

Clemson, I think a big bench is overrated at most positions except perhaps at OL. Having overall high levels of body strength is important, but a 500 bench press is not. John Runyon (sp) of the Eagles doesn’t bench due to shoulder injuries. He’s still in the league. Joint stability, balance and injury prevention are all more important. I always thought Archulleta was wasting his time having a big bench at his position. For what reason? Anyone playing safety and copying his training is foolish. Make plays, make tackles that’s what wins football games.


good points but realize that the kids out of dade and broward are no joke…big benches are not required but what else are you going to do upper body wise?


Well at Archuleta’s position (SS I believe) you often have to get down and dirty with the big guys as you are often put down into the box. Here, a big bench is pretty important for fighting against a leading fullback, getting off of blocks, and westling with that TE coming off the line. As his position, he has to be one of the most athletic players on the field by having the strength to hold his own against bigger lineman and TEs, the speed to keep up with receivers and RBs, and the intelligence to figure out what the QB is doing. Sure maybe he does overdo it a bit, but how are you gonna “make plays, make tackles” if you dont have the base strength to work with?

Uh, wait a minute…Archuletta’s position? Isn’t he still injured?

Archuleta plays like a linebacker not a safety. He is not really good at covering the pass. He can tackle and rush the qb. He should be a weakside lb. He is lucky he has Aneous Williams on the other side. And bench isn’t that important for football. Leg strength is much more important.

clemson, I think being strong in horizontal pushing is important, but, keep in mind this is position specific, its down the hiearchy (sp) tree. Players from south Florida have terrific talent. That area is heavily recruited. But so are players from Texas, southern California, Oklahoma, western PA, east Ohio and NJ.

mister C, you would be greatly surprised by the lack of strength training done by some NFL players. Many play purely on talent alone. Woodson from the Raiders has said he never trained in the off-season. One of ways of holding off blockers is not to let them “get into you”. This has more to do with technique, foot movement and hand wrestling. A big bench is nothing without strong legs as qwert wrote of. As you know, you can’t fire a cannon from a canoe.

I’ve done 17 reps at 225 and benched only 365 yet another time I benched 225 for 14 reps and maxed out at 375. There becomes a point of diminishing returns. Also, if all you train higher reps more of the time than lower reps, your body is better coordinated to do the higher reps with better efficiency.

You have to realize that Miami has the best of the best; not justy good DI players. The results really don’t mean that much at Miami; I am involved in the college S & C field and can tell you that the best athletes are going to get strong and fast no matter what. I also grew up in South Fla and know many high school football players there.

being a great motivator does not make one a great coach, it just means he believes in his program whether or not it is right or wrong. yes there is no “proof” his concepts dont work because he is getting talent and they are going to outshine any program no matter what. btw if you have seen his concepts (and not what people have posted on the internet, the true program) i dont understand how you can possibly say he has “molded” miami into a winning machine.