Merrit wins 400m


Wariner 2nd place, was way behind him

Merrit SMASHED him!!! w’hoooooo 43,76

Great dive by Neville for 3rd :smiley:

yeah baby, that’s courage/determination :slight_smile:

Hart - 20%
MJ - 0%

Apart from merrit, slow race
Wariner 44.74 and Neville 44.80, Brown 44.84

Wariner ran his race by 250m, went out way too hard. Merrit sat and waited on Wariner (in lane 7).
Wariner made the same mistake Sanya richards made.

Ive never seen the monkey (and the grand piano) jump on wariners back like it did. he was gone at 350m and jogged to the line, and then dipped to hang on to 2nd.
Does anyone remember what Wariner ran in Melbourne in Feb? wouldnt be much different to that time

I think the coaching change clearly hd an affect here - wariner could not sustain through the rounds, additional speed work has cost him…

Stay with the one that brung ya’

Merrits reaction time was 0.318

Yes! A gutsy move, trading some skin for a medal!

Does anyone know the coaching fee difference Wariner “saved” not using Hart, and maybe Charlie, you can provide insight on how much $$$ JW has probably lost due to not winning a gold?

Seriously, what was the problem… was he ill? Injured? Coach split or not, he jogged 44.1 in the semi’s… 43.7? Pfffft, he should have walked that (not literally :rolleyes: )

Yes. You could say that but that ignores the result of the one that stayed with Hart.
Same thing for Sanya- went out hard and died.
You need that extra reserve to finish up after a first 200 like that and neither one had it. They haven’t had that “extra something” for some time.
On the bright side, Wariner got to keep the money he would have paid Hart. Kind of reminds me of the “savings” by Kevin Young after he left John Smith. Kevin and Jerimy might want to do lunch to discuss how it has all worked out (Dutch Treat!).
Perhaps Wariner might want to have a word with MJ about whatever he paid him to advise him on this year’s moves! (It’s already too late for MJ to get a gig advising Usain on how to break the 200m mark!)

So many people asking if Wariner could get the world record…do you think it had an effect on him? Maybe he drove out so hard with the intention of putting down a time that’s out of his reach and not just on winning.

Merritt, on the other hand, didn’t have that sort of noise in his ear.

Congrats to him.

He’s too experienced for that.

Maybe 50,000 and maybe 20,000,000.

I think Merritt had a great lane to see how hard Jeremy was taking it out, and his much better 200 PR allowed him to stay more relaxed than Jeremy during the first half of the race with how hard it was run.

I’m not sure if it was from the WR noise that made him take it out that fast, but from being scared of Merritt. Every time Merritt has had the inside lane lately he has won, and I think that gave Merritt a hell of a lot more confidence than Wariner had.

If these numbers are close to accurate, why would someone want to save money on coaching and risk losing millions?? JW and Hart must of had a falling out because of something other than money. If not, he is an idiot and I don’t feel sorry for him.

Wariner is too disciplined man. But he did the same thing as Sanya Richards. Went out too hard and paid for it in the end. Merritt had a good lane to scope on what JW was doing and he took the advantage.

The report I saw said Wariner went out in 20.9 in the final but in the semi went out in 20.7 en route to 44.15.


wasn’t even close. Wariner well and truly beaten.