Men's 4x400m relay

Domination. Damn Canadian announcers said USA was on WR pace to Wariner. Wariner ran split like 43.1 and no WR:rolleyes:

1 7 United States
(LaShawn Merritt; Angelo Taylor; David Neville; Jeremy Wariner) USA 2:55.39 (OR)
2 5 Bahamas
(Andretti Bain; Michael Mathieu; Andrae Williams; Chris Brown) BAH 2:58.03 (SB)
3 4 Russia
(Maksim Dyldin; Vladislav Frolov; Anton Kokorin; Denis Alekseyev) RUS 2:58.06 (NR)
4 6 Great Britain & N.I.
(Andrew Steele; Robert Tobin; Michael Bingham; Martyn Rooney) GBR 2:58.81 (SB)
5 8 Belgium
(Kévin Borlée; Jonathan Borlée; Cedric van Branteghem; Arnaud Ghislain) BEL 2:59.37 (NR)
6 2 Australia
(Sean Wroe; John Steffensen; Clinton Hill; Joel Milburn) AUS 3:00.02 (SB)
7 3 Poland
(Rafal Wieruszewski; Piotr Klimczak; Piotr Kedzia; Marek Plawgo) POL 3:00.32 (SB)
8 9 Jamaica
(Michael Blackwood; Ricardo Chambers; Sanjay Ayre; Lanceford Spence) JAM 3:01.45

I have not seen splits but I was wondering if they fell off so much during Neville that the w.r. chance disappeared. That or were those guys never on w.r. pace. to begin with.

They showed Neville’s split as 44.1x so that should be more than made up by Wariner’s leg.

I wonder if w.r. pace was as of the first leg but not properly updated after.

I was surprised how long Merritt ran with his arm extended trying to make the pass to Taylor. I need to watch it again to see if AT left a bit early or what exactly.

I don’t know the splits, but Wariner seemed to really run through with blazing speed.

Men’s splits are(from the Beijing games site)

Merritt 44.35
Taylor 43.70
Neville 44.16
Wariner 43.18

Official splits:

MERRITT LaShawn 44.35 (1)
TAYLOR Angelo 43.70 (2)
NEVILLE David 44.16 (2)
WARINER Jeremy 43.18 (1)

The Bahamas announcer said the average for the WR had to be 44.0x. Clearly he was misinformed (by alot). Damn announcers.

Maybe they need to put up one of those swimming w.r. lines if the announcers are going to make erroneous statements.

At least I did not have to hear Hammond and Lewis call the race.

I’ve really liked the Bahamian calls-esp. considering NBC’s just plain awful and at other times non-existant coverage and announcing . These guys know the sport but they totally missed the call in the race for the Bronze. The Russian anchor is flying by GB and they go on about Martyn Rooney’s leg!?

To be clear, Rooney did run a great leg but they made that comment about the time Alexeev went by him en route to a slightly faster leg.

How about Rooney looking back at the Jam and Bah team in the relay prelims seemingly mocking them? I was good to see Russia smash him. What a goober.

I did not see that one yet but I’ve read many posts on T & FN describing it.

I just watched it, real cool:rolleyes:

All I heard by the AUst comm was Wroe Starts, passes to Steffenson who is running crap. He passes to Hill who has work to do because Steffenson ran crap. Milburn runs last who has a bright future and I wonder if Aust could of got a medal except for Steffenson who has clearly lost a lot…

A bit disappointed in the commentating.

1059 WROE Sean 46.07 (8)
1054 STEFFENSEN John 45.26 (8) 1:31.33 (8)
1043 HILL Clinton 44.41 (4) 2:15.74 (8)
1049 MILBURN Joel 44.28 (5)

Bad decision to put Wroe first, they were last at the first change. They should have left Milburn first, to ensure they were in the mix at the first change, and Wroe 2nd. Steffenson third and Hill last.
But, as it was, they were never going to catch up after 1st change, especially since Wroe ran nearly 1sec slower than he did a couple of days earlier, which was very disappointing

Agree los. The logical tactic was to replace either Steffenson or Ormrod in the order with Wroe. What showed us up was the terrific performance by the Belgians who did not replace an athlete and rearranged the team to run their best two runners (Jon & Kevin Borlee) first and setting themselves up in 2nd spot. At one stage they were 20m in front of the Aussies. On paper we were around the Belgian mark if not slightly better.

Given the number of SB’s and NR’s in the race this was a fast paced race and the Australian team should have run sub 3-00.

Wroe’s run was terrible and questions have to be asked was he crook.

Mark Ormrod did enough in the heat to secure a spot in the final. We were in 2nd spot when he handed off to Steffenson. Look at the difference when Hill got the baton in third spot in the final.

how come dylan grant didnt get a go, what a dissapointing olympics he must have had

G’day Anton,

The mail is Dylan Grant was struggling with a hamstring injury and only ran 46.9 in a pre Olympic trial, rendering him the 6th ranked athlete of the squad.

At 20, it would be a terrific experience for him just to be there and lap it up, give him a taste to want to be a part of it next time round.

43.1… What the HELL happened to JW in the final :mad: ?

Well, what do you expect with Jan Flemming commentating. Why on why is she a commentator for T&F?? She non stop comes up with the most stupid remarks, statements and puts down people like they are all idiots. She should be canned just like the rest of AA.