Men's 400m

I’m rolling with Kirani James…

I think Merrit was holding back due to his big program of events, but yeah, Kirani did look comfy.

I love how Kirani runs his races much different from the other 2.

Value play: LaShawn Merritt wins men’s 400 meters +425 Risk $1000

Can’t pass this number, he’s legit to win gold.

No way Merritt wins.

James looked way better IMO, and Wayde is just a beast.

1 Wayde
2 James
3 Merritt

but risk is small for big pay. smart play.

Value play my friend

100% correct.

Be really nice if CBC showed any of the 400 meters. annoying.

Wayde in lane 8 …Yikes!

Parlay Action: Lashawn Merritt (Men 400m) -300 vs Machel Cedenio

World record blasted


43.03!!! wow

Wow from lane 8
Johnson is stunned lol (commentating for BBC)


Understatement. The guy is only 22 years old! Amazing.

Can’t wait to see the splits!!
Neg. Split for WVN? I doubt it but damn that last 200m was crazy.
100m 10.7 / 11.10
200m 20.5 / 21.22
300m 31.0 / 31.66
400m 43.03 / 43.18

PJ Vazel tweeted out:
100m 10.7
200m 20.5
300m 31.0
400m 43.03