Mens 200m final

I would guess 19.94.


What will be Bolt’s winning margin?

Minimum .40
Maximum .80
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:rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently he ran 19.30 into a headwind :eek:

He was good to his word - he ran through the line and he said he would.




It couldn’t be anymore than about 0.04sec quicker. Given a +2m could he have run as fast 19.15??? WTF- how quick?

No doubt he will break it again in the future.

The same video in case Youtube gets it off;

OMG, just saw the race on tape, I was wrong in my prediction, said he wouldn’t do it, he did, into a headwind, he is amazing, wonder what MJ has to say? Two WR’s in one Olympics, never been done, it’s scary that he can go faster. :rolleyes:

It may become 3 world records, stay tuned :cool:

Time is unreal obviously

but just watching him run is savage. That gap he opened up, swiftly and relentlessly, off the curve made my head swim.

That record was not supposed to be broken.

I’m glad he has it. With MJ it was a fluke, with Bolt it isn’t.

It’s NEVER a fluke!!

Fluke!? MJ, regardless of what anyone thinks of him personally, was one of the greatest runners of all time-certainly in the top 5.

Fluke? Interesting.

I meant no disrespect for Johnson, and perhaps fluke was the wrong word. I have a massive amount of respect for his running career.

It seems to me that Johnson ran his 19.32 out of nowhere, and was never able to come close to it again. Perhaps I’m naive, but did anyone know he was in shape to do that? It reminds me of Bob Beamon’s massive WR.

On a side note - he ran a pretty good bend:

Here we go
Filming from the upper stands on the opposite straight, start with gun flame, check position on finish line with opposite camera to verify the times. Was lucky during these games to sit down everywhere i needed into that stadium.

9.96 + 9.34 = 19.30 BOLT
10.23 + 9.59 = 19.82 MARTINA
10.44 + 9.51 = 19.95 SPEARMON
10.18 + 9.78 = 19.96 CRAWFORD
10.23 + 9.75 = 19.98 DIX
10.37 + 9.85 = 20.22 DZINGAI
10.45 + 9.95 = 20.40 MALCOLM
10.44 + 10.15 = 20.59 COLLINS
(fastest time ever recorded for a curve was 10.05 by Tyson Gay in Stuttgart GPF in 2006).

150m time for Bolt extrapolation from the 149.42 blue mark. 14.48.

Awesome, thanks. Interesting to see how much Bolt kills Spearmon by in the last 100m, despite the fact that everyone considers Spearmon’s last 100m to be very strong - which it is!

What was Michael Johnson’s second 100m split?

10.12 / 9.20

this indicates the degree of drop-off. thses splits are well under MJs
9.96 vs 10.11
14.48 is insane
That’s the model for the 19.04 with a tailwind