Mens 200m final

200 Metres - M Final
Lane Athlete Country SB 2008 PB
2 Kim Collins SKN 20.25 20.20
3 Christian Malcolm GBR 20.25 20.08
4 Shawn Crawford USA 19.86 19.79
5 Usain Bolt JAM 19.67 19.67
6 Brian Dzingai ZIM 20.17 20.12
7 Churandy Martina AHO 20.11 20.11
8 Walter Dix USA 19.86 19.69
9 Wallace Spearmon USA 19.90 19.65

Let’s stir things up. What are y’all gonna do whenever Bolt gets beaten in the 200? You know Crawford has a better coach than him, right?

You know Crawford has a better coach than him, right?

:slight_smile: OK :slight_smile:

You know Bolt is a better athlete than him, right?

It would be fair to hear your opinion when you have decided to pose this question. What are you going to do if Crawford does not win?


dang mortac he got you there


i honestly think its gonna go like this


ya thats right spearmon aint gonna medal

I will do nothing except curse for a few minutes. Everyone has all but handed Bolt the gold medal anyway so it’s not a big deal if he actually does win. I don’t know if Bolt is taking this seriously enough. I want to see what Churandy can pull off too. I also hope Spearmon doesn’t medal. He acts as if he’s way better than he is currently.

idk if you saw the rounds he’s been in but hes used less amount of energy than any of the sprinters in his heats and besides he’s having some fun

he wont medal till he learns how the run the curve and when he takes that chain out of his mouth;)

Bolt’s already beaten him twice, and he’s obviously going to complete the hat trick :slight_smile:

I vote Churandy number one spot not including Bolt.

Bolt will win, but not by the margin some have been saying. The world record is also pretty safe for tonight. Even though he has been cruising, it is his 8th race, and the semi did not look as impressive as his other rounds.

My prediction:

Bolt to win - 19.31
2nd Dix 19.85
3rd Martina 19.91

what time guys (gmt)?

Start Time: 15:20

where do you guys backing Dix think he’s gonna find his speed from? He’s looked horrible in the rounds. I know he always looks like that but he don’t look like he’s got much in reserve.

I’m gonna go with

Bolt 19:52
Martina 19:89
Crawford 19:95

I’m going to go with bolt winning in 19.01s and everyone else shaking their heads and stepping off the track in disbelief. :confused:

or perhaps it will be more like:

bolt - 19.38s (showboating)
crawford - 19.86s
spearmon - 19.91s

this should be fun… :smiley:

can we watch it online? it doesn’t look like NBC will show it live.

Race Over – Bolt 19.30

Spearman DQ’d!?!?!? Dunno why but my pick for the top 3 is now right although the Bolt’s time is a mile off lol.

Edit: Spearman stepped on the inside line

Spearmon=Mennea? Crawwwwford=medal yessssssssss. lol that is the perfect ending for the Spearmon haters.

1 5 Usain Bolt JAM 19.30 (WR) 0.182
2 7 Churandy Martina AHO 19.82 (NR) 0.144
3 4 Shawn Crawford USA 19.96 . 0.210
4 8 Walter Dix USA 19.98 . 0.151
5 6 Brian Dzingai ZIM 20.22 . 0.185
6 3 Christian Malcolm GBR 20.40 . 0.212
7 2 Kim Collins SKN 20.59 . 0.165
. 9 Wallace Spearmon USA DQ . 0.167

what was spearmon’s time? he was my pick for third… :frowning: