medicine ball work

I have been enjoying my lay-off from training the last few weeks. I got a back-it-ball for my back that doubles as a medicine ball. My question is how can I use it during this GPP that is coming?

I did this circuit alone the other day that featured the MB extensively:

Shoulder toss (15/each) (just tossing it above me and then catching it)
Back toss (15/each) (hold ball behind back, contract abs and toss over shoulder)
Hip toss (15/each) (just tossing it above me and then catching it)
Prone holding MB between legs above ground (Okay, I don’t know the technical term for it ) (20s)
10 lunges w/ medball behind head
Back exchange (fake exchange if you’re doing it alone, 15)
5 clap pushups
20 prisoner squats
20 vsits
Kneeling OH throws (15) (against a wall)
Medball superman holds (ball in between legs, 15s)
Toe-touchers (15) (med ball in hands)
Low bicycles (30)
Chair crawls (legs on chair, crawl back and forth, 6)

You can go through it as many times as possible.

Thanks Pete! I’ll try it soon.