Medball-throws instead of O-lifts

What does members think about medball-throws as a substitute for olympic-lifts? At least at the velocity end of the force/velocity-curve.

Also what do people think about the “shovel toss” described on the following site:

For my developing athletes I start them off with Med-Ball throws. Once they hit 15 or 16, I get them doing Oly lifts as per Chris Ts Black Book.

Charlie gives some excellent Med-Ball stuff in the GPP DVD. My Avatar is a picture of me watching it at Rupert’s office.

First off, i thought Rupert was in toronto and Herb was in B.C.?

Secondly Herb, would you do the same for and older athlete who’s never done O lifts? ie-starting with medicine ball?

myself i’d do that shovel toss from my feet, if i were to do that movement.
i like the “scoop throw” over the shovel pass.

I do live in BC. I was down in TO on business and chilled a couple of days with Rupert.

My older athletes still use Med-Ball Exercises, but not exculsively. You can get your older athletes on Oly Lifts as long as your progression is such that they don’t shock their system. You don’t want them getting stiff and sore muscles thereby increasing the risk of injury. Make sure their technique is as perfect as perfect can get.

I was going to do the “scoop throw” myself, but found the ceiling to be to low…I’m hoping to go outdoors soon.

Use a powerball…when you get stronger your wrist will thank me.


would it make that much of a difference if you’re doing two-handed throws?

Many people do behind the back throws…my problem with high velocity extension with the spine is vertebral injury. Since people measure distance from the rear of the foot to landing this may be a problem if athletes are hyperextending the spine at high speeds. I prefer hang time and measuring from release to landing using video but most of the time I can tell by my eye and the athlete knows because it feels like they got nothing on it…poor throws feel better because they can feel the entire toss.

What weigtht are you using? I love powerballs with one hand or two…I feel that olympic lifts can be trained mechanically outside the weightroom from a techniqe angle and not loose the training by just working with sticks. I posted a progression on another similar thread.

i misunderstood your previous post. thought you meant powerball were better for wrist than medicine balls. but now i’m thinking you meant powerball over o-lifts, in terms of wrist safety…no argument here.

however i do, do backward throws. what about a hammer throw with the medicine ball?

So I guess DB swings are out of the question then?