medball questions

When you do high intesity medball throws such as double hop and throw, are you supposed to sprint allout until you reach where the ball lands… likewise when you do the explosive backwards throw or sqaut throw are you supposed to sprint all out to where the ball lands? Also when looking the women perform those single/double and triple hop throws, i was wondering if your supposed to treat it like a bound (ie minimize ground contact time) or if your supposed to absorb and pause like the women does…

also what are “medball accels”?

Also th gpp graphs say to do sets of 10… but how much rest should you leave between reps ? for example the double hop trow +sprint is one rep, do you do 10 consecutively or do you weight a little?

med ball accels are the roll back push land in a push up position and then start. I usually just do a walk back or recovery when doing them.