Medball Accelerations.

I have both Charlies books but i am still not understanding how to do the med ball accelerations correctly. Can some explain in detail? or even show pictures if possible.

thanx guys.

Is it not the same as a chest pass from a crouch with a sprint?

Yes, that is one way to do them, although I prefer to do them as a chest throw to a full out dive, then scramble up and sprint. It puts you at a great angle for acceleration.

The other option is to alternate a chest throw - dive with a chest throw - sprint. You will find that you often stumble on the sprint because you are used to such a low angle coming off the dive.

so you start with feet together or one in form of the other like in blocks?

then you chest pass as hard as you can and at the same time in one motion drive out?

In the ebook, the pic shows starting with your feet together (not like blocks) but I have done them both ways.

I squat down a bit (quickly) and dive forward while trying to throw the ball as far as possible. Get full extension of your whole body and land on your stomach using your arms to cushion the fall. You can do these onto a high jump mat or into a hill to start out with so you don’t fall as far.

Try to drive your body as far forward as possible (this requires a fairly low angle to the ground.)

I have always done med ball accelerations from an underhand med ball throw into a sprint…obviously I need to change the technique and get the ebook lol :rolleyes: