Med. Ball Work

My school just got a 12 lb Medicine ball and I’d like to start using it. I only no a few exercises and I was hoping if y’all can give me some other exercises I can do…




Football Throw - I guess that means to the non english a soccer throw

Jerk Throw

I especially want to know what a Granny Toss & Chase is.

Med Ball work is an excellant (and safe) method of rehearsal of explosive power, which contrasts with weights-work which best enhances limit strength.

The best ones are the obvious ones:

  1. Over head throw for distance
  2. Forward throw for distance
  3. Rugby pass throw
  4. Hammer throw
  5. Jerk throw
  6. Football throw

I like to do vertical throws since they permit ‘sets’. Alternatively throw against a wall or to a partner.

Med ball chest pass onto mat
Toss for height
Side Toss
Russian Twist Throws
Granny Toss & Chase
Behind Head Toss

What benefit do med ball throws have over bench and other weights, as well as performing plyos such as arm swings (with or without weight)?

Granny Toss and Chase - swing the ball back between your legs using both hands and then launch the ball in a forward toss, now go chase it and do it again.

David W, can you please explain to me hon how to do the Med Ball exercises you explained, right now I do

Squat Push Press Toss
OVerhead Toss
Chest Throw
Overhead Throw
Catch, Roll Back, Roll Fwd, and throw

in weight training, alot of your time is spent clowing down the weight to prevent you from letting go. with med ball you can do the same motion and let go thereby eliminating the braking.

gf_200 explains it perfectly. Med ball work is just another great resistance calisthenics work, that focus on power rather than strictly strength. Great way to sharpen up 1-2 weeks b4 a meet. Thoughts?