Med Ball Multi throws

On the GPP video it is mentioned about med ball multi throws that can be used as a warmup or as a seperate workout in itself. Now I dont know if this has been discussed before but I have some questions. I am going to visit my parents in a warm place over the holidays so I thought I would do my own training camp. Im already in week 5 of SPP1 so my fitness is already there but I have a few questions.

1.Can the med ball multi throws be done in SPP?
2. it is mentioned that they should be done in the morning, is this on low intensity days or high intensity days?
3. How much time should seperate the medball workout from the actual workout?

Thoughts or suggestions would be awesome.

u r talking bout low intensit med ball work:

1: the low intensity throws can be done on ur tempo days and the high int throws on ur speed days.

2: like i said earlier low int throws can be done on tthsat.

3: you dont have to seperate the two workouts. if u decide to do double days u could give urself 2-3hrs between sessions.

If its the med balls i think you are talking about,
i sometimes use the med to help warm up, its good for getting the hips working(picking up the ball), warming up the upperbody and getting a sence of power. Also adds that bit of variation.
I normally just jog my warm up, randomally throwing the ball, then static stretching, then usuall drill warm ups.

On Tempo days I use general med ball throws/chasing and hurdle mobility as my entire warmup. It works fine for me, I find I really don’t need to do anything else.