Med ball and plyo placement

Speed before weights is a given but what about med ball and plyo’s?

I was thinking of;
warm up and drills
sprint work
explosive med ball


I did a little of that with Charlie. In my case, it was a question of getting the elastic response going before doing the speed work. Just don’t fry yourself with the plyos or you won’t have anything left for the sprints.

You might also do a few med ball throws before the sprints as well. Charlie has mentioned this several times in the past. For example, one throw followed by four starts.

The idea is to stimulate the neuromuscular system before speed work.

Thanks for that.

The way Flash describes is how I do them but I didn’t realise this was the norm. Just seems to make sense to do med ball accelerations or onto a high jump mat before block work.

common sense and my workouts are occasionaly the same :smiley:

That’s not necessarily the norm with how I train, but I sometimes use that sequence depending on my needs.

For example, I did that last night because Wednesday I had some deep work done on my calves to release some chronic tension. The result was I didn’t have very good elastic response last night, so I had to bring it back a little before the speed work (but I was still a little flat).

I find med ball throws onto a highjump mat help the athlete prepare for blockwork - kind of like a specific warmup. Obviously you do these during GPP anyway so I guess it is also something familiar that relaxes them (mentally) before block work - which i tend they are quite tense with (always trying to jump the gun).