Mechanics of Jumping


Does anyone have any links or articles to the muscle mechanics or physiology of jumping (vertical jump), i’ve already done numerous searches but nothing has come up yet.

There are some good articles over at on vertical jump techniques. Check it out, should help what you’re lookin for.

If you do a search on the following site you’ll be sure to find studies on vertical jumping.

All jumping outside of vertical jumps, are a product of momentum. If you know how to jump, you’ll be able to get heights more effieciently than most who have more physical jumping ability. A perfect example is when Vince Carter jumped over that 7’ guy from france. Vince not only has great jumping ability, but his mechanics are good.

Getting more technical, it’s an eccentric strength dominated activity. Having control and being able to stay balanced before a jump affects how high or far you’ll jump. Don’t know what eccentric strength is…i’ll finish tomorrow, i’m sleepy.

John, hows the back :wink:

ahh man I didnt know you were on this site. Haha back’s gettin better, I started double-day practices on Monday this week. WOW am I sore! Its been a while, but Im doin pretty well.

hey guys…got a question about jumping! I am having problems converting my speed at the jump take off…what I mean is I can’t jump up at the board…and it is causing my jumps to be flat and straight across the board. I am consistantly around 7.2-7.4 metres, but I know that if I can jump up at the takeoff board I think I can get over 8m, at least I hope anyways. Thats my goal! I can jump up when my speed is alot lower! I can’t jump in practice that much either because of knee problems and also crappy facilities!
so I am limited to my jumping, I concentrate mostly on my sprinting anyways and I do jump drills! Also I want to increase my speed and get faster, doesn’t everybody! Can anybody help! sorry so long!