Max velocity

I know there has been some discussion of this recently. But I am still a little unclear of how to progress from accel dev to maximum velocity. flying 20’s or 30’s how much volume, how much lead up, how much rest these are still things I am a little unclear on.

A couple of things… With Accel work, such as pick-up drills, you enter the zone from a shorter build-up, with more of a forward lean and the speed change is more pronounced. With Max vel work, you enter the zone, usually from a longer build-up and in an upright position. The emphasis is on the up and down action, with stepping over the support knee. The speed here can be sub max- BUT the speed change will be more subtle and the posture must remain upright.
This is a bit hard to describe but it is very clear when seen in conjunction with film. The new DVD backs up the discussion with film in regular speed and still and slow motion. You can play the differences over as often as you want till the concept is clear.

Is that cue, what is sounds like, that your trying to get your foot over the support knee? Also what about volume and RI for a newcomer. Thanks for the help

By RI I assume you mean run-in. That can vary depending on the percentage of your max that you are prepared to work at, and the rate of acceleration in the run-in. Generally, the time needed to build up speed for these drills is much longer than if you were accelerating at max. So, even if you’re only ready for a 20m accel at full effort, you could use a run-in of up to a 40m because, in reality, you’re only hitting about the same speed as you would in a 100% effort 20m accel. The easier build up is essential because you must be technically perfect and in the full upright position entering the 20m fly zone.
The session volume is highly individual, but will always be low and must be stopped if there is any loss of form or performance.