Maurice Green punks up!

Hey Clemson - that one of your athletes?
What T&F event?

I don’t think, and nor did I say Michael or Mo are afraid of anyone. Also, I didn’t say they blame their injuries when they get hurt, I simply said, to the “casual observer” it doesn’t matter the reason, they didn’t get to see what they paid between 15 and 40 dollars to see. I also disagree that these fans were never turned on, they were, and they came out in the thousands in Sacramento. Everyone can understand speed, even at the lowest levels because everyone has went out and raced. I agree, the press could do a better job, but even if they were communicated life in the fast lane, they would have still been ticked that they came to see mo vs. michael, or mo vs. tim, and what they saw was a chest match and no race. Once again, i understand the injuries in the sport, but the hype that surrounds the injuries is what turns people off. We can argue if their turnoff is right or wrong, but regardless, they are still turned off.

True, but now I’d also like to see that same respect coming from our elite athletes.

Charlie, that band aid is probably there so his ground knee is not beign bothered from the pointy all weather track surface when he is in blocks. I know many peoplle who do this, so they are not bothered by the all weather track poking at their knee thats on the ground.

Doubt it.

I find it interesting that there would be talk about respecting the athlete and how an athlete like Mo Greene deserves so much respect because of where he is and what he has done. this is all true but the fact is that Mo Greene is a “bad boy” of track and field. he is a hard working track athlete that likes to pat his own back, he never gives anyone else in the sport any respect. it is like he feels no one deserves any except for him and when someone talks about him he wines and cries about it. He should have never called out MJ when he knows he will never run a 200m like MJ did at the end of his career. Mo and the rest of the world including MJ did a total disrespect to the sport in 1996 in Atlanta, when perhaps the greatest sprinter of all time behind Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis was publicly ridiculed for his desire to run the 4x100m relay. every american sprinter went on world wide television and publicly opposed it. talking so bad about him and his performance in the trials, and that he was old, that his time was over, that it was time for him to move over and let “us” have our time. someone even went as far as saying that he didnt want him on the relay because “he was butt naked last” at the trials. this is disrespect of a legend and he still won a gold medal for his country. so you want to say Ben Johnson was a great stuart for Canada, well we have ours too. so forgive us if we have a sour taste in our mouths for Mr. Mo Greene, but you reap what you sew especially in a high profile sport like track and field.

Mo wasn’t even in Atlanta- was he??

Mo changed after failing to qualify for the olympics…Jon D was the guy that told the press Carl finished dead last…why do you think people were upsett with Carl…his relay baggage was too much for many.

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Is It just me or Does it seem that every time maurice gets beat he limps off the track. HE got destroyed in the 200 semis, but qualified for the final and didnt even show up. Loser

He also limped off the track after winning the World Champs in '01. Why was he faking it then? [/quote]

The man is always walking with a limp.

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I say that only because of the Shit ( Your momma) :shoot: <b>[I’m dumb]</b> he talks. He will talk smack and then not perform well. When ever he does not perform well it is because he was hurt or something like that, never i just lost. I have a friend that works for nike, he said when maurice was running for nike he was the most arrogant/ignorant person he has ever met. I have heard that from a few other people that run track and know him. I respect that he has ran fast times.
I just hate his attitude. I think he should just stick to the 100 and stop embarrissing himself in that 200. I knew he was crazy when he said he could beat MJ. I also think that since he is so bad he should have ran the 100 in the nationals. I guarantee he would not have won. But that is my opinion. If anybody doesnt agree, then so be it.

You have to be agorrant to be a sprinter, i personally like Maurice Greenes aititude. You can not knock the man, The man is still the Fastest man on the planet. It does not matter how many bad runs he has, the man is still the champion.
If he was not agorrant he would not have been able to keep on dominating and wining championships.

You don’t get to the top being nice! because life is a battle full of shit heads, and critics.

MR JASON GARDENER! a great athlete, great sprinter.

am 17 years old, this man is 25years old am i right. Every other sprinter, every other sprinter. I see on the TV intimindates(can’t spell) me. But Jason Gardener does not INTIMINDATE ME.


Because his atitude is wrong. The sprints are different from any other events totally.

80% mentally

20% physical

Athletes like Jason gardener might be able to win, they have it in them but. They have’nt got the mental strength keep on going.

I am not saying to be cheeky! or nothing but i think maurice greenes atitude is the best in sprinting, along with Kenderis!

You are even more stornger mentally if you are able to shrug off the smack talk and run your race. In summer meets, I hear black people talking up a storm saying how they are going to run 10.5’s just because they r black and I’m gonna run a 12.5 just because I am white. I don’t say anything I just smile and laugh. What happens? I beat them. They run more like 11.6’s than their 10.5’s

I say sprinting is 100% physical. Talk is cheap, performance is everything.

Good for you.

I never trash talk or put anyone down, but there is one thing.

I don’t give a shit about the other athletes, i respect that they are in the same sport as me. Black white, i respect all, i always say good stuff about them. And put myself down, once i said to a fellow athlete on the start line, tat i was a 1500meters runner, am just doing this for points.

And when i say i don’t give a shit about the other athletes, is that i could’nt care less in they pulled out of a race with a injury. (that is there own problem) i will not hope for this to happen.

But i see it like this, them athletes are there to upset me, make me unhappy.

These are the athletes on the start line with me.

no Mo wasnt on the team in Atlanta, I wonder why? anyway I am just saying that there is a perspective that you came with that we need to respect the sport and love mo for what he has done, I would even say that I lost a ton of respect for Ben Johnson as a man of integrity for reasons we all know. there are a lot of athletes that we put on a pedastal because we believe that they are worthy to be looked up to. then when they fall they fall big. Sure I believe that Mo faked his injury at the 2000 trials. but I cant say for sure. Yes it was a great gutty run for him to beat Tim Montgomery in the world championships on a bad wheel. but he talks way too much and he hasnt always stepped up to the plate. Remember when Tim Montgomery talked bad about Mo and how he was going to beat him and stuff. well when he did it we said thats the attitude of a sprinter(arrogance) you have to believe that you are the best. because how often do we hear that from Tim? I talk to young athletes and I tell them that at any given track meet there could be as many as a thousand people there that dont want you to win(for Mo, MJ, TM, etc it could be 10’s of thousands) I tell them not to be one of them. believe in yourself because you just might be the only one that does. that doesnt mean tell the world all about yourself and how great you are and how bad everyone else is. I dont think anyone is disputing Mo’s talent, or even his work ethic (anyone who can work in a movie theatre as an usher and run for coach smith is a warrior in my book) but I just say that when you are in a high profile sport or any profession really, you aught to understand that people young and old look up to you. take it seriously. respect your position as role model. dont show yourself ignorant, and if you are keep your mouth shut.

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I would even say that I lost a ton of respect for Ben Johnson as a man of integrity for reasons we all know.

are you really that naive? i respect the rules of the board and won’t get into this, but come on. read speed trap.

Four years ago in Atlanta I sat in the stands and cried. Those were tears of misery. Those you see now are tears of joy.
Maurice Greene

A confident and commanding presence on the track today, Greene’s path to Olympic legend has not been smooth.
After failing to qualify for the 1996 Atlanta Games, Greene watched from the stands and wept as Canadian Donovan Bailey won what Greene thought was his gold medal.

Spurred on by this disappointment, Greene left Kansas City and moved to Los Angeles to join the burgeoning band of talent grouping around the world’s leading sprint coach, John Smith.

The decision to join Hudson and Smith International - as in attorney Emanuel Hudson and coach Smith - was the key step in Greene’s transformation from ‘Kansas Cannonball’ to Olympic champion.

It is interesting to see peoples attitude. I don’t particularly like the bitching that goes on.

Every sprinter has an attitude, as a thrower who trying to sprint, if anyone a my track wants to trash me, they better be able to take it back. Learnt very quickly to give a good as I get in a world of 6’ 4" + 110kg and I’, 5’9" and 90.

But, the I think the difference is I know what I can do not what I think I can do.

That is what Ben did.

As for Carl wanting to run the relay. Would Carl of made the difference in placing. Also could the US had a policy of having to do a number of relay sessions as a team?

first, every sport is mental, sprinting very much, fabio, believe me, it isn’t all physical, and when i say mental, it has nothing to do with talk being cheap, you don’t have to talk crap to show your mental is intact.

also, i really don’t care that the black kids said they would beat you because you are white and you beat them, don’t paint all black kids the same, some think they can beat you just because they can.

mo greene is cocky, whatever that doesn’t bother me, so am I, what bothers me is the chest match he and tim put up through the media, then mo passes on the 100 and has a poor showing in the 200(hurt or not) it was still poor, i say if you are too hurt to run, don’t try, and definitely don’t skip the race and matchup everyone wants to see for another race.

I don’t think Carl deserved to be on that relay, as much as i respect him, you should go with the fastest four, and let baton passes factor in also, but the problems with american 4x1’s is the fact we have so many quality sprinters where as many of the other countries, the four they have, have been their top 4 for years and their passes will most of the time be more crisp.

this thread is nice, keep it up, keep the respect.

I’m not sure I can accept the theory that you don’t get to the top by being nice. I think Tim will make it sooner or later and I can tell you he’s done a lot for people along the way. There’s a top sprinter out there who could support what I’m saying, though I’m not really sure if I should be relaying this story. This guy picked up a serious injury that put him out for the season. Without being asked, Tim sent him the money to tide him over till the next year. Not a lot of guys would do that, even if they could.
I don’t know Mo and I’ve never met him but I must respect him.

WoW!!! that is a great humanitarian story and speaks volumes for Mr. Montgomery. No there arent a lot of people who would have done that athletes or not. just adds to my theory that to be great is to be great. As far as the 1996 4x100 and Mr. Lewis, I believe that his top end speed was just as fast as anyone on the track at the time. this being the case I put experience and sure hands on the track. not a green college student. lack of experience showed, sometimes the fastest person isnt the best person to put in a relay.
Mr. Francis, I too respect Mo like I said because he is a warrior he runs for HSI and that isnt an easy group to run for, especially what he has sacrificed for the love of the sport. I just believe that he needs to gain a healthy respect for other athletes who have put in the same amount of sacrifice, he doesnt respect them, and thats sad.

i don’t know if i agree Carl Lewis’ top end speed was just as fast as the others, but i guess we will never know, we can argue and speculate, but we will never know… i do agree Lewis may have had experience but the others in the race did also, i don’t think it was a lack of experience, i think it was a lack of camaraderie, gone are the days we, Americans, can just put 4 guys on the track and win the olympics just because we are faster than everyone. They don’t practice the stick enough, think about it, many of these guys rarely run relays post college. Even with Carl on the team, it the sticks weren’t good, they would have lost, not to mention, i don’t think America had the team that year. But I guess this is really an infinite argument.