Masters training.

hey, T!

your story seems pretty similar to mine last year. even the times are quite close.
good luck, train smart and keep up the good work…

(race you to <12s :wink: )

Thank you everyone for your comments. I am going to run at Rice University in Houston this Friday night. I have an early flight that day, but I am hopeful of running well anyway. I’ll try to get to bed early the night before.

My two friends will be there, so I am hopeful I can get some decent video taken so that you all may critique my form (or lack thereof).

There is really nothing like the 100 metres. I wish I started running these years ago!


I know how it is to leave your gear at home when you need it at the track. Way to recover!

Quick hint…

Put your race gear…track spikes, speed suit, needles, etc… in a bag and hang it on the front door…its your “go” bag. I have yet to leave my gear at home…since the first time. lol.

And dont forget to allow for crazy traffic…I had to do a warm up in the car while driving…blasting the heat, and doing muscle contractions.:eek: Got to the track with enough time to check in, set my blocks and go!

I remember driving one of my squad 130 miles to an area championships only to find out he had left his club vest at home (no club colurs no run). I left him to warm up and found a shopping centre (mall) and fortunately was able to buy him one that was near enough and get back in time. Now that’s dedicated coaching.