Massage techniques similar to Waldemar's

Hello all,

ESTI found an interesting Youtube video that shows some of Waldemar’s techniques. Be aware- this is not Waldemar and neither of us suggests this is anything but an introduction to techniques similar to his. The explanation offered by the instructor is quite good and from personal experience, these techniques work. Since ESTI is busy with practice today he asked me to post it on his behalf.

Check it out!

Thanks for posting. I never know when I can get online! I have found very few videos on these types of techniques and found this particularly useful and very similar to Waldemar as T mentioned above. A shaking massage is very effective when done right.

Thanks. I actually came across this video a couple weeks ago and was wondering how similar it was to Waldemar’s method.

trager is what he’s doing?

I just meant that there seem to be many similarities. Waldemar is hard to get a hold of so if you want to learn that style of therapy, Trager is the keyword I would gravitate to.