Marion Jones gives birth

Marion Jones gave birth to a 5 lb baby boy on June 29th. he is named after his father Tim Montgomery. Yes you heard it right the biggest name in womens track and field and the mens world record holder in the 100m hooked up and now have a bouncing baby boy. I guess Tim and Marion werent doing too much training while in Canada with Charlie lol. I would say that the future of american Track and Field looks just fine.

this raises the question of, how much does genetics really play in athletics and specifically sprinting, is speed something you are born with or can you trully train speed. I know we can make a person faster, but is there a limit based on genetics, or can we at the right age and time create a sprinter like a ball of clay or take that same person at the same time and make them a distance runner?

just because tim and marion had a baby dosen’t mean the baby has the genetics to be fast.genetics can reach a certain level were the total opposite happens.the same question arose here weeks ago and i posed a question saying that if brad pitt and jeniffer aniston had a child would it knock out beautiful.chances are it would but not always…there is always a chance that the total opposite can happen

marion and Tim have a dominat trait for speed and a recessive trait for slowness…

let’s hope that baby did not get the recessive trait…

genetics definitely matter, but I also believe you can build a great athlete. some of our parents may have had genes to be faster than marion jones are tim montgomery but never explored track and field or aspired to reach that potential, ok the argument may be really hypothetical but it is possible. I guess if you believe because your parents weren’t fast, neither will you be, then why waste our time on this forum, on the track, training that 11.5 junior who has potential, why not just ask, “who are your parents, what did they do athletically?” “Ok, then you will be a janitor.”

didn’t the russians or east germans try to breed their top athletes? i believe the results were not as they expected.

i don’t really think it depends on your actual perants,its your perants perants that matter.genetics work haphazardly,you could be fast but your brother could be dog slow.its a 50 50 situation be more than likely this baby will be potentially good,being great like mammy or daddy will be another matter which we will have to see about in a few years time

I ask because my dad ran the 800m in high school and was a great runner in his time. he also played linebacker for the University of Washington. I come from an athletic family where I had an uncle that played professional football, a cousin that now plays pro football. I have 4 uncles that played college football, 2 that wrestled in college, my grandfather played negro league pro baseball, I have another cousin that was drafted to play pro baseball out of high school, another cousin who is a hall of fame gymnist at UCLA and the she has been ranked as high as #1 in the world. I ran track and played basketball in college, and my youngest sister is now running track for Portland State University. I believe that genetically we have been blessed. Not Everyone in our family is athletically great, an dmany of us were late bloomers, but I believe that genetics have a huge part to play and I believe that little Tim will be a great athlete not to mention the incredible world class training he will recieve if he decides to run.