ok, its summer, its hot and im TIRED, my body screams for some rest, so ill be taking 10 days completely off (well if anything ill probably do some push ups/abs swim a bit, play some beach volley) BUT from this monday until 15 august i will just, well maintain.

so how do i maintain/allow any overuse pains i have to heal but not forget how to sprint and become out of shape?

i was thinking something along the lines: do two speed work sessions a week but very low volumes (like 2x4x20m) acompanied by some calisthenics/tempos, one speed endurance again low volume like 2x200m and some med balls medium intencity, perhaps some long jumps.

keep the tempo volume the same ofcource and as far as weight room goes, ill probably keep doing one heavy set (>90% 2-4 reps) and 3-4 “body building ones” (75% 12 reps or something) for my main lifts and do the 3x10 for the secondary lifts. Or i could even do a body building only routine (ya know get those biceps going a bit:p) but im afraid that im gonna loose strength…:frowning:

so, what do you sugest? point is not to get to tired but also not to get to out of shape.


Where exactly you are in your season ? are you competing ? or will you compete again after the break ?

im too slow to actually compete in my age group:(

but technicaly im in the off season i guess, races stoped like a week ago, and no i wont compete after the break, ill go into GPP

epote…if your body is screaming for rest then listen to it.if you are feeling thirsty you are maybe a little dehydrated already.the body is clever and do not ignore signals

rest for 2 weeks then see how you feel


yeah im planing to do that:p

but in any case i do have almost a month to fill up till gpp starts, what do i do then? (that is, after the rest)

personally i’d have fun because the sesason is long enough.try to keep the diet fairly good and keep active.i wouldn’t go without doing speed for more than 2weeks so take that in consideration.

whats your plan??

Since you live in a beach=city you could do some “fast runs” in sand, after 6pm is the best time day to do that.
This could be, about 100m fast, 200m jog or walk, 150m fast, 300m jog, 200m fast…until 2k, then, 48h later, same thing but now running by the time, so, 10s fast, 20 very easy, 15 fast…
Try to work your breath pattern, slowly, calm, just relax, enjoy the sound, feel the breeze…
Personaly, i like to do this at night, with nobody on the beach just the dogs…me and my shoes ( yeah, you don´t forget a good pair of shoes ).
If you have a dog, play with him and a ruber ball, it´s nice, if you don´t have, try to get one from some friend or take a “night dog”…it´s amazing how fast we´re when running free.