maintenance phase

Is it better to start with an increased weight and then drop the intensity so as to put to the focus more on teh running as the maint/comp phase progresses into a natural taper period? Or do we reverse that as to not get away from max strength? Or a third option, during longer breaks between meets increase the intensity slightly and then drop again as you move back into competition.

For the indoor season the maint/comp period is much shorter compared to the outdoor season.

I flat loaded with 80%1RM, skipped some workouts, and did maintenance for more like 8-10 weeks instead of 7-8 and I felt I might have gotten stronger actually.

I felt as long as I did easy doubles and potentially could do triples at 80%, then I know that I’m at least at 90% of my old strength (since 90%1RM is usually around a 3RM). And having no more than a 10% decrease in strength was all I cared about.

So, I don’t think you should reverse it. Flat load or drop periodically if you wish, as intensifying your speed elements can possibly make you stronger anyways.

very good points i am going to follow something very similar

he could also use a 3 week rotation for ex: 7 week indoor season

1: 3x2
2: 2x2
3: 2x1
4: 3x2
5: 2x2
6: 2x1
7: drop all squats

Another point to consider:
Intensifying speed does make you stronger BUT you are no longer intensifying speed in either volume or intensity during training towards the end of the maint phase. Meet planning and its relation to weights becomes key. See the 1987 season plan for Ben in CFTS or the last Vanc seminar DVD to see what I mean. See where the meets are concentrated and where the load is reduced surrounding the meet blocks.

good points but most colleges dont have that many comp that close together, its more like every fri or sat etc, unless if you get to conference or nationals have several races in a couple days.