Maintenance/conversion phase + 7 day taper for 400m runner

I’ve been thinking a lot about this and also reading a lot but I’m still not sure about some details.

In the last 14 days before the major competition, following Charlie’s model the volume rises (1st week) after lowering in the last week of max weights. Then it goes down again in the last week entering into a taper.

I was combining methods of kitkat’s and CF training, used the “rules” and basics of CF and the lactate training of Kitkat (2x2x200m, 2 min rest between two reps, 5 min between sets).

My question is: How many days of taper would suit me (training for 2 years, aimimg at 50s 400m) 5 or 7?

I was thinking of doing the last “all out” lactatic training (kitkat’s 200m) on the first day of a taper, which means 7 or 5 days before the competition. Would that be ok?

Does this " latcate training using 200m" count as speed work, as they are not run at 95%?

Any ideas on this?

I will post the training plan for my last 14 days as soon as I get home from work.

Remember the SPP 12 week programme charlie left us doesn’t show the competition period that may be 5-7 weeks long. Keep this in mind.

If so, I did quite a big mistake. I thought that this was one of the three mesocycles in the triple periodization scheme. I had an important race in the beggining of July and then started all over again with 3 (max weights) + (recovery) + 3 (max weights) and I was supposed to enter the maintenance phase tomorrow.

What should I do now?