Maintaining Top Speed

To Charlie and other members, I need help in the speed endurance part of my race. Would high reps (12-15) be advisable to develope speed endurance if coupled with 120m and 150m sprints. I am currently squating 405 parallel on smith machine. Also which method is likely to reduce power to weight ratio by adding unnessesary bulk. I am 5’9 172 pounds and trying to get down to about 155.

Why especially are you looking to weights to help with SE?

You can concentrate on 120-150m sprints but I don’t think 12-15 rep sets with weights would translate to speed endurance at all. I would do your 120-150m at a high quality then lift with whatever energy you have left. Charlie would probably say something like 2x5 for the lifts.

I was already doing 150m sprints and wanted to find out if more reps in the weight room would address speed endurace, but I guess it doesn’t. thanks anyway

Max strength coupled with max speed helps create a speed reserve at the speeds attainable over 150m. So the weight program might include a period with numbers up to 10 but is directed towards max strength overall.