Has anyone used or have any opinion on the power of magnets or any of these products?

Kevin Trudeau

Alex Chiu

I have heard they are pretty bogus, even from people that used them. My mom has rheumatoid arthritis and wore them to get some attention about the disease, but said they never did anything for her or anybody she knew.

Can be used with injuries, strains, tears etc.

My dad’s a GP who uses a lot of alternative medicine (e.g. magnetic therapy, acupuncture, naturopathy etc.) and he’s had a lot of success using them with his patients.

I’ve used magnets (north pole down) with some minor injuries e.g wrist sprains, muscle bruising (corkies) and they seem to have worked quite well. Some injuries they haven’t worked as well. My sleep has also improved a lot since using magnetic underlays and pillow inserts.

The opinion in medical circles seems to be very negative towards magnetic therapy, but I think (as with anything) you’ve got to try it yourself before making any judgement.

pure quackery

The website is banned according to everything I have read. Wikipedia mentions that it may be for keyword stuffing. If you type alex chui in the google search engine you come up with over 750,000 searches. Don’t forget the secrets of georgouspil and magnet combo for 98$. This guy is a scumbag that made millions off scamming people. I like how he refers to an infomerical for credibility.