mach drills

I was wondering what mach drills are and what they are useful for?:baddevil::

There’s an extensive thread in the archives under drills or Mach drills. Pete? Rupert? Also you can send to for information on how to get his book. I believe DMHansen still has some books.

Here is the original ‘Drills’ thread:

I have read from a fairly popular Aussie coach that they do not recommend doing C’s anymore. Just A’s and B’s due to the emphasis on C’s slowing the trailing leg and cadence. Any merit to this?


The A and B Mach drills appear to be quite important for teaching form, as most everyone is talking about them and attempting them in their track workouts. However, detailed descriptions are not readily available, and seem to go primarily by word of mouth (perhaps why many have witnessed them being done incorrectly).

With the old forum shut down and Mach’s book apparently out of print, I tracked down these descriptions from a google search. Can anyone comment to whether or not these are Mach’s original intent? Thanks.
-scroll down for descriptions of marches, skips, and runs (A+B style)