Lower back attack

Hi all, but especially Charlie,

I, and a lot of other runners here, have these constantly lower back problems. Call it ‘lifestyle-problems’…

I watched the GPP movie 3 times already and it came to my mind: the hurdle walks are superb for hip mobility…I guess they also strengthen lower back ?
Also the hill training is looking fine to attack these problems. Are there any other very effective things we can do in our GPP to attack the lower back ? We will also start building up some medball training, call it a ‘build-up’ because we still have to train a lot but time will tell if we can handle the heavy stuff. We now train with a 3kg medball.

Hyperextensions, or back extensions are great for lower back strength.

I prefer to use Reverse Hyper Extensions, good for loosening the lower back, great at the end of a weights session.

Everything in the GPP vid will help with strengthening and protecting the lower back.