Low squat ankle jump --- what's the deal?

I saw this done by Adam Archuleta too… why would anyone do this except for screwing up the meniscus? The length of the mucsles are very different than those found at normal sport activities for the elasticity gained to be appropriatelly exploted… Thoughts?

its not a big deal - low int jump.

Yeah, I know it is low int jumps, but why not sticking to pogos, line drills where the muscle length and body posture are more appropriate?

Hurt my knees when I tried them…

People use them because it’s different I guess

I’ve also been wondering about this. 30 or 40 reps of this really kills. Takes strong charachter to complete them. After 20 jumps I remember I wanted to quit. The muscle length used is as mentioned not the same as in many sports activities, but Kelly propably have experienced good results with this form of training so whats the secret?

In the cfts it’s recommended to split high and low intensity days? The high intensity days is also finished at high performance levels. Is this a confidence matter? Why not train high intensity first and then finish the session with low intensity? Kelly uses the low squat ankle exercise at the end in that way.

There was a basketball player on the Inno-Sport forums who used these with some success. They’re meant to built one’s change of direction capabilities while staying low. Useful for a basketball player, running back, etc. Most other reactive movements don’t take place in such a low position, so it’s a position that is often undertrained.

I believe these are what caused my stress fracture