Low key competition

I’m in the second half of SPP with my athletes.
If using a low key meet in training, and without sacrificing the week of training but also without unloading too much, I thought about the followig scenarios.


  1. speed + w
  2. tempo
  3. Build ups, light SE (split 80/60, low number) + massage
    4)warm up/light tempo + ligth w/stimulatory
  4. easy blocks
  5. race (2 x 60, + eventually some remedial training after)

1)SE (full volume) + W
2) tempo
3) Blocks + easy speed ( (a couple of reps at 95%) + light w + massage
5) warm up + easy blocks (just some starts )

Massage , due to holiday cannot be done on day 2.Would that be too near competition having it on day 4? (low muscle tonus)


Massage can lower or raise muscle tone, there are different techniques for different situations.

Off course…usually , the only one session he can get during the week is a quite deep one.