Low box step ups vs parallel box step ups, which one is better for jumping?

Similar to a recent thread which type of squat is most effective, I’m wondering which is more effective for improving jumping, low box step ups or parallel box step ups? I’ve seen a lot of videos of track jumpers doing low box step ups (no higher than 12 inches, maybe even lower), and their reasoning was the movement is more specific to the take off angles in single leg jumping, even though low box step ups seem to engage less musculature than a higher box step ups. Any opinions regarding this? Thanks.

I think varying the height works… lighter when higher, heavier when lower boxes… ie a set with a high box, a set with med box, a heavy set with low box or bumper plate turned on the side…I don’t know if you can possibly directly help jumping with weight, rather you can physiologically prepare muscle fibers to handle jumping training… some say you can train strength as its own entity , and then hone skills on the track to recruit strength in real time movement /form… others say you can directly imitate movements with resistance, but i find that latter way false security and theres gaps between the weight room and the track… but that’s been my experience and maybe i do it wrong