Louie Simmons discusses the training of high level track and field athlete


Much respect to Louie but he’s a much better powerlifting coach than a track coach.
50.38 in 2005. She might be a great lifter now but what has she run lately? 52.02

jsut cause she can’t do does not mean she cant coach. I dont know if she can or can’t but personal perfromances have nothing to do with knowledge

What are you talking about? He’s coaching her. She just ran at the trials and got blown up.

this sounds exactly like charlie telling the story of Kondrateva

Not that I like Louie’s work for sprinters, because I don’t, but didn’t he train Butch Reynolds?


Yes he did, but only in terms of the weight room work and I’m not sure for what length of time.

I do know that he used similar weight training techniques (with Reynolds), in terms of dosage and duration manipulation while squatting, to those he mentioned in the audio interview.

Thats my point, he did not control the sprint workouts; remember weights are general; it doesnt matter.

The weights are general for a sprinter- only in regards to conventional barbell exercise. While the use of more specific overload exercises for sprinting is a debated topic there is absolutely a continuum of specificity and, correspondingly, many exercises that fill the void between sprinting and squatting.

Similarly Manhattan and Boston have a large thermal image from space; however, there are a multitude of smaller heat producing entities between the two.

Whether the use of such exercises is meaningful and necessary for speed development is what may be debated and that is a road that none of us are inspired to travel down I’m sure.

Regarding your point- apparently your “No…” was much more descriptive in your mind my friend because I, as well as what is preached to the heterosexual male community, take it for granted that no means no- thus my clarification for what I suspect would be the multitude of readers that would have read what you initially posted and thought that Simmons had nothing to do with his training what so ever.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

Ok, so because weights are general they just don’t matter? Other than the actual events, everything is “general” so I guess speed endurance runs, hill running, any running with flats on, med ball work, tempo, etc. don’t matter either.

You can make a runner just as much as you can fuck one up in the weight room so obviously they matter. Therefore, Louie did, in some respect, train Butch Reynolds.

So Louie worked with Butch way back in 88:confused:

Needless to say, I won’t be passing on any information to athletes on how to squat over 1000 lbs. If asked, the smart thing for me to do would be to say, “Why don’t you go ask Louie Simmons?”

Great post!


See Charlie’s various posts about weights following speed. I dare to say the Butch was more than fast enough for the effect to work.

NOW, tell me what Louie did for Butch.

[QUOTE=lkh]See Charlie’s various posts about weights following speed. I dare to say the Butch was more than fast enough for the effect to work.

NOW, tell me what Louie did for Butch.[/QUOTE

I can tell you what louie did for butch.

My post had no relevance on the topic of sprinting leading weights. My point was take a sprinter such as Ben, if he did no weights his entire sprinting career would he have been the same sprinter? No. Therefore, weights helped make him.

I know Louie did lactic acid tolerance sessions with Butch as such to emulate the time duration of a 400. Something like doing squats for 45 seconds. He only squatted once a week to keep compression forces on his spine low due to all the track work. He also did reverse hypers (I believe Butch’s favorite exercise) and I know Butch also speaks very highly of Louie’s methods. He has been quoted saying something to the effect of, “I can’t believe everyone doesn’t train this way.” All of this I dare to say is enough for Louie Simmons to have the right of saying I helped train Butch Reynolds.

No, I would make it clear to everyone, that I wasnt Ben Johnson sprint coach but only coordinated his strength program (weight training), or I would say CF and BJ consulted with me about there strength training program etc. Because saying you train someone to the general public can be very misleading when you only played a very small role (<2%) in the overall picture.

Again, I ask: Did Louie work with Butch back in 88?

You have to give it to Louie, he’s a world class self promotionalist…

If you want someone to regurgitate Russian texts, he’s your man. If you need strength advice for anything other than powerlifting, look else where.

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