Loren Seagrave New interval training


Loren Seagrave posted this on Facebook.

“new” interval training?? Is he serious?
Distance runners have been doing that for YRS!

I was told by a fellow coach he is using a new session on his athletes. Something called Extensive Tempo. Said he would show me the programme later…

Marketing, marketing, marketing…

(I love how the tone of my replies often mirrors my avatar’s reaction!)

U crack me up.

x 10 suv tum poh. What will he think of next???

Seagrave is just friends with the guy who runs the site. Yes people have been doing NIT for years but the key thing with it is that you get the training effect during the roll on recoveries rather than the running itself… it’s all about training the lactate shuttle rather than anything else.

TC,what is really happening during the fancy ROLL ON RECOVERIES which should not be taking place during regular passive recoveries? In years of training I have never seen adequate passive recovery times not achieving the same if not superior results on all parameters. Again the key word here being adequate (hence complete for both central and peripheral mechanisms) ,that in this case may be well perceived as ultra long. An efficient system is an efficient system!

Peter Thompson, heard that name before.

He was for a short time the Executive Officer of the Australian Track & Field Coaches Association.

When using interval training for say, an 800/400 runner, traditionally wouldn’t the fast section be done fairly close to race pace (or faster) with the slow section being done at extensive tempo or jog pace? With this ‘new’ system, it seems that everything but the first fast section would probably fit into intensive tempo, with the fast section being 85-89% (approximately) and the slow section being either slow intensive tempo or extensive tempo (70-85%). Are either of these beneficial to a 800/400 runner, and which might serve better.

He just took over from Tony Rice as the CEO and this was his first coaching course, I believe he still had connections in the IAAF and was good mates with Lauren Seagrave. A couple of things I remember are, if I wanted to pass I should go to NZ. The other was he read through my private papers while I was out of the room, inside was the word bullshit and when I came back in he asked what the word bullshit was for, I didn’t say bullshit was for anyone who read my scribblings without permission. We were all told to leave the room and leave our paperwork behind.

That was when I decided the coarse was an information collection exercise.

There was a chapter of the book I was thinking of writing in the folder. I assume it was included in my exam paperwork that Glennys was reffering to when she said I had passed the exam. Apparently it was sent to someone at the AIS and they approved the pass.

I wish Peter well in future ventures.