Looking for some help figuring out my season

I’ve had the strangest outdoor season this year. I know my planning leading up to it wasn’t the greatest (too much slow running not enough speed) but I’m trying very hard to salvage what is left of it.

Here’s the situation:
Last year’s pb was 10.79 in the 100m coming off of a 7.02s indoor season.

This year I was coming off of a 6.97s pb.
Mind you all of this is way before i discovered the CFTS.

Anyway, so due to my poor planning I didnt open my season all that well and have struggled to regain my previous year’s speed.

Season opener 11.2s in June
Over the next month I worked my way back down to a 10.94s 2.0w.I feel as though my start is stronger than the previous year (ahead of guys that used to be beating me by 30m, and this is due to my focus on the acceleration from March to June, increased squat from 320 to 405, VJ 4", SLJ 18cm, ect…) This was mid-july.

Now at this point, I’ve read alot of CF forums and other material and get the gist of what to do much better. So my next meet was 3 weeks away, I figured this would be a good time to get some speed in. So i took 2 days of complete rest after the meet, and then had 2 additional days of tempo/stretching.

From this point I planned 2 weeks of speed, which was 2 speed days 1 SE in a week. This is how it looked:
Friday-Speed (flying 30’s)
Sun-Speed (60m)
Tue-SE (flying 80s and a 150m)
Friday-Speed (flying 20’s)
Sun-Speed (Flying 50’s electric timed)
Tue-SE (flying 80s and a 150m)
Thurs-recovery, jog stretch
Sat(aug 1st)- Meet

So thats what I did to get back to my old speed form. I though that this would give me a great boost of speed to my decent first 40m but loss of closing speed (which was typically my strength until I ignored it for 3 months).

Unfortunately at the meet today, my runs went 10.94 3.6w and 10.91 2.2w. My starts were great, I got out real good to 40-50m but then failed to lengthen the gap I had created.Virtually the same time as 3 weeks ago, before a block of speed training.

Did I miss something in my mid-season training sessions? I figured that a block of speed training would revitalize my speed and I would regain the edge that i’ve appeared to have lost. I’ve had no injuries at all, and have handled the speed really well, feeling fresh during each speed session.Each meet had identical conditions, hot, strong tail winds.

The only problem I can think is in doing a proper taper for this meet, I figured the rest/recovery days leading up would be a good enough time range.

My next and last meet is next weekend. And I’m really trying to salvage this season with a decent time. I was thinking of taking a taper week for the next meet.

What do you guys think? Is there any salvaging my season? Why did the block of speed training not help improve my speed at the next meet?

You are not going to make up for poor planning with a 2 week speed block. My advice for improving your time is to relax. You are stressed out about your time improving and are most likely tensing up. Relax, run your next meet and then plan your training for next year.

I think you may feel the benefits of this training following a taper.

I think that may be the case. Today I ran the 200, and ran 23.16 and 23.11
Slight head wind between 0 and -1m/s. Felt like I had absolutely no power.

Three weeks ago I had run a comfortable 22.4.

I think a taper would do well.

I also lost about 5lbs in those 3 weeks of training, mainly from just eating cleaner, with no real emphasis on diet.
Could a weight loss have altered my mechanics? I feel a little quicker on my feet but less powerful.

Could my increase in top speed have influenced my speed endurance?