Long to short training

I’m 21, my training for the 100/200m has been based on the Long to Short approach for the last couple years. I have recently lost my coach but he has left me with all the training sessions to do for the next year from close season to the competition period next year.

Wondering if they’re are any Long to Short programmes on this forum? I just want to compare such programmes to the programme i follow, see if its similar or different etc. I have searched but haven’t found anything

Any help would be much appreciated. Am i right thinking the information i require will be in one of Charlie’s speed books?

You can see a long to short schedule on the Vanc 2004 download. That will take you through a full phase and you can compare the approaches. There is a graphs download that comes with it as well so you can study them more easily and there is a comparison of speed volumes between the two approaches (L-to-S and S-to-L.