LONG TO SHORT,short to long

What would be the difference if we went 10x60m or 3x200m in the same program for speed endurance during the same phase of training?

Both volumes meterage are the same, and if we run the 60s where we accelerate to 15 or 20 and hold (which is advocated by charlie francis, when training @ a higher volume of 60s such as 10) , and running 3 200s at 23 pace which is probably in the same velocity range?

what would it hurt to do one day of 60s and one day of repeat 2s…ie or 3 x200 or 4x 150?


You should search the archives. I’ve brought up this question in the past and Pierrejean, Derek, etc. commented on it. I will pull it up when I can.

thanks looking forward to reading


Pay attention to what Kitkat , Charlie and top cat are discussing
coach charlie francis speed endurance for other links and you will have a greater understanding of what you are asking.
the search engine on google is very effective while the site one rarely matches the same results.
Kevin Tyler was an athlete of Charlie’s and called upon Charlie numerous times post 1988.