Long to Short Question

Question about your sample program of long to short for special endurance 1 and 2

beginning in

week 1 - 2 x 300 7 minutes rest
2 x 600 12 minutes rest

what is the effort put out by the athletes ?
Is 7 minutes enough rest on a 95-100% effort?

It should be based on the output the athlete will initially be capable of. Of course that will change later as ability rises. If you see relatively fast results (near pb times) for your athletes right away, of course you can and should increase the rest period.

Charlie, with the short to long approach you pointed out that max strength work and acceleration development fit nicely together. How would the strength program be different for a long to short program?
I was guessing lower intensity more volume, but that may lead to too much hypertrophy.

Do you have the athletes in spikes ? during these runs?
On indoor track - or outside in cool weather on grass?

You can have three strength phases of shorter duration in the S to L approach but prob 2 strength phases in the L to S. Also in S to L the highest strength differential will be developed right away with less differential as you go. With L to S the highest differential will need to be in the second strength phase to coincide with the other training work. this can of course vary with circumstances, for example a very long GPP and SPP in a L to S phase one/

for SE runs, I’d use spikes, even on grass. Keep the old spikes around for such occasions.

Charlie or anyone

This time of year the clocks just went back and this effects or training environment. In Canada it is cold and dark by the start of practice so we are restricted to indoors and on a track that has very tight corners.
Do you suggest not to were spikes for any runs?
Also why would you suggest spikes for the SE days and not the speed days?

Spikes on speed days too, of course.

Spikes for anything where you are running fast! Otherwise you are probably going to fall over. At least i used to.