Long Jump weight training

I’m in the weight room for all my sport program at school…and I dont wanna to do something stupid…I’m a jumper and I want to improve my jump…I dont want to gain weight but I want to improve my impulsion…so…can somebody give me something to do?


It wont augment my weight?

Lower reps at heavy weight are for strength, if that’s what you are after. Search around, the answers are here.

wheres your plyometrics?! weights alone will not help your LJ.you must run first(build speed) then transfer the speed into a jump.get on the track

As a jumper, you will rely on both muscular explosive strength and elastic reactive strength. But doing just weigths alone will not improve your jump. The long jump demands a high amount of reactive strength also known as muscle stiffness. Spending lots of time squatting will not necessarily solve the need to develop muscle stiffness. Its very hard to give you a specific loading regime, but I think its fare to say that a loading of 70-30 in favour of plyo to weight training in the gym should be your aim. Also, since your running is likely not to be as large an amount as a sprinter, the plyometric exercises such as box drills will form a larger percentage of your training.