Long jump next for Bolt

Btw. there is a quote from Tom Tellez saying that the LJ is pure application of max. v but couldn’t find it, anyone?
I still don’t like Carl Lewis take off, I believe it was ok at Atlanta but he didn’t seem to be agressive before. His landing wasn’t good at all imho, with Tokyo 91 being an exception.

It’s kind of like asking Floyd Mayweather to leave boxing and go into UFC. Taking a big pay cut for what?

Long Jump??? wtf. Maybe for the novelty value but that’s about all. Hopefully he continues in the 100/200 & 4 x 100 and the occasional non-championship 400m for another 10 years. I don’t give a fats rats clacker whether an athlete doesn’t get near him for a decade. He’s compulsive viewing regardless.

There’s talk in Australia that the National Rugby League and the Australian Football league want Bolt to appear at half time of their respective Grand Finals. $250,000 from each of the NRL & AFL for a combined purse of $500,000. The catch is they want him to run against the fastest footballers in each code. Naturally a handicap start of about 10m is on the cards, although I reckon he coud start from the third tier of the Southern Stand and still knock them over.

Whilst it’s unlikely to happen, the biggest obstacle might not be Bolt’s availability but that of the footy stars. No self respecting footballer would like to be shown up as a slow moving schmuck on the big stage.

If that race ever happens, it might show the general public just how damn fast elite sprinters are. SOO many times I hear things like: “100m in 10 seconds, so 10m/s. Wow that’s pretty fast!”, and I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.

You’d struggle to find many athletes under 11 in either code.

not being aggressive and still going 8.50…come on! lewis was a superb jumper and if you don’t believe me then look at his winning streak without a loss!

its hard for a 6+ ft athlete to look aggressive.they will always look effortless due to the longer limbs(this is why usian looks effortless compared to tyson eventhough they are going all out)

tokyo 91 was an exception…the track(mondo) was lightening fast and later on the japs addmitted to it.

Look at his vids, he wasn’t attacking the board as Powell did. His take off leg was even sometimes bent, that way is more difficult to mantain stiffness. Only towards his last years he managed to get full use of his power. His posture was superb.

But at his speed I understand that it has to be pretty difficult to coordinate efficient take off.

He had sick consistency though, and that’s probably the result of having a more controlled take off. It’s like the reverse vs. non reverse dilemma in the discus throw.

lewis and powell where like chalk and cheese…totally different.mike was more aggressive from start to finish whereas carl was more refined and that was thought to him from day 1 with tom tellez.

Tokyo 1991: Powell 8.95m (10.87m/s); Lewis 8.91m (11.24m/s).


Bolt no threat to GB’s triple jump tradition

By Simon Turnbull

Friday, 28 August 2009

There was good news for Britain from Usain Bolt yesterday ahead of tonight’s Zurich meet when he announced that his expanding horizon will include the long jump but does not go as far as the triple jump.

“I think triple jump puts a lot of pressure on your knees,” he said. “I don’t want to mess mine up.”

So Phillips Idowu, as world champion, and Jonathan Edwards, as world record holder, can relax.

Tonight, Britain’s Lisa Dobriskey lines up in the 1500m against Maryam Jamal, the Bahrain athlete who beat her in Sunday’s final by a tantalising 0.01sec.

Bolt on Long Jump
“I’ve been trying Long Jump since I was in high school just messing around. But I haven’t really measured it. I always thought I could be a pretty good long jumper so I’m definitely going to try. When? I don’t know. I think maybe when the races start getting a little bit tighter to win - then I’ll probably try Long Jump.”


Excellent. I hope it doesn’t take 10 years for the races to become tight.

Totally agree…I think this is crazy