Gatlin's 'new technique'

So…we’d need Cason to tell the whole story…massive thights btw!

interesting…so during 91/92 cason developed an achilles injury while wearing mizunos.during the semi in barcelona mark witherspoon ruptured his achilles while wearing the elite mizunos and he blames the lack of support in that particular shoe for the 95 he went to reebok as he said that support was far better.

mitchell,fredericks,witherspoon,adeniken and lewis wore that particular shoe during the 92 games

In the 1st clip (Sprint Model 1) is Andre too far foward? I know we’ve all been told about the forward lean coming from the ground etc…He was a great technical model. Explosive out of the blocks too.

What’s Andre’s website address? I can’t seem to find it now.

gatlin at velocity in january…at end of video see him do one acceleration against this random guy, not great quality tho

this video shows a little more on the training side

Looked like Speed Dynamics, except with out the suitcases!

who is the white guy with the bald head?

I saw Gatlin training a month or so back outside on the track in spikes. He didn’t look like he was overstriding as much as previously but he also didn’t look like he was going to run 9.7. Will wait and see.

Just had a look at the video - hard to work out from that what shape Gatlin is in. He does look as lean, fit and as smooth as he did at his best.

Which reminded me - had a quick look at Justin Gatlin circa 2004/2005 on a few Youtube videos. The bloke was a super runner in his day, practically unbeatable for a while, smashing most fields much like Bolt does now. How soon we forget!

I doubt he’ll match Bolt and maybe Gay but if he can get back to his best, he could certainly challenge for a place on the podium at one of the Diamond League meets.

Will he get an invite to the Diamond League?

Imagine if he had been competing this whole time. Bolt, Gay, Powell, Gatlin all in an Oly or WC final. Crazy!

When is he running?

No comeback. He is not making one physically or with meets for obvious reasons.

Trevor was not a decent coach. Who here spent more than a few day with him? Talent and other factors.

That is all.


Randy great clip.

justin got caught and paid his dues…let him run and hope he matches the rest of these guys. highly unlikely but go for it

***what happened to the 911…the masieratti stinks

J-Gat does not look fit in that video. Bodyfat levels look too high.

Not any fatter than Dix.

His start technique is most troublesome to me, terrible.

I like Gatlin and hope he succeeds.

I know, and now Jaguar came out with a car model that looks just like it…

Dix has always been big. Gatlin wasn’t like that in 2004-2005.

Wowzers… Damn, I should be a track athlete.

I thought 100m athletes were getting out to 40yds in around 3.7 - 4sec’s flat.

I like Gatlin too.