Live Chat with Charlie!!!

When will this live chat begin? I’m so anxious to talk to Charlie for my up and coming season. I got big things planned next year!

Anyone know when this chat will be? Are Y’all coming?


Bump for Charlie???

When will the live chat be?

For those interested, leave your name here saying “i’m interested” and we’ll set up asap. Who knows, we may even have a “special guest” at the online event.


I’m interested

I’m interested!

Haha, who wouldn’t be interested?

Just make sure someone logs it please!

im interested

i’m interested

im interested for sure

Rupert and Charlie are nice

I’m definitely interested.


Yep, from way down in NZ, I’d like to be in on the chat too

The other part too, I’ve just finished 3 months travelling talking to some of the “best” sprint coaches in the world (on a government scholarship) so maybe we could share some ideas on what everyone else is doing around the globe?

The real Charlie Francis. That imposter at the dyno disc and indo board summit was a fake! New Zealand sprinters? It should be true. Why not?

i’m interested

i’m interested

I’m interested

count me in

I’m interested.

i’m interested