Links to EMG analysis?


I’m looking for any info on emg analysis of sporting movements. Specifically i’m interested in tables and perhaps diagrams showing electrical activity in different muscles during sporting movements.

I’m a total newbie to this topic. The only thing I have really read is a small section in Periodisation Training for Sports that shows a table for iEMG maximum motor unit activation in different muscles using different exercises. I was wondering if there are many studies showing muscle activation during sporting movements.


Try to find following paper.
Mann, R. A., Moran GT, Dougherty SE (1986). Comparative electromyography of the lower extremity in jogging, running, and sprinting. American Journal of Sports Medicine, 14, 501-510.

A lot of EMG work has been done on sports movements in the past: e.g. articles:
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Problems with surface EMG: not all muscles can be measured, e.g. deep muscles like iliopsoas are problematic.

Concerning sprinting and EMG, there’s an article showing diagrams for different phases of the stride cycle.
Wiemann K., Tidow G. : Die Adduktoren beim Sprint - bisher vernachlässigt? Die Lehre der Leichtathletik 7/94 pp15-18 and 8/94 pp 15-18.

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