Linford Christie- A Real Treat

This should answer some of the questions about his plyos.

This guy is basically doing the same thing and he is hardly a world class sprinter. Watch the video for a while you will see.

Hmmmm… not quite! Especially the one leg hops.

No keep watching he basically does the same. Either way nice video. You see that other guys video. It has him bungy jumping!

Holy hell, Christie’s one legged hops-hurdle jumps were insane!!

Talk about insane,
Stephan Holm hurdling over 1.70m barriers

I have on tape Linford doing single leg hurdles with a weighted vest and fall… :smiley: .

Anyhow, world class contact times in the one leg hurdle jump.

I saw Linford training with his squad in London (Brunel University) in late November. They were doing a huge amount of plyos (a couple of hundred contacts I would say) including the ones shown on the video followed by 40m tyre pulls at about 80% effort. At age 47, Linford was still demonstrating these plyos himself. If anyone failed to complete a set they had to do a certain number of push-ups. Linford told me that his guys don’t do fast sprints at this time of the season. I was doing some accelerations from a three-point start and asked him to comment on my form. He told me to get into a position similar to the “bullet-start” setup (back parallel to the ground). I said thanks but quietly decided that I don’t have the necessary leg strength for an effective bullet start. He was very approachable and friendly, and still looked to be in great shape.

linford must have had insane quad strength to withstand such eccentric loads. Those rumours of a 700 pound squat start to sound a bit more convincing now

The point is, do the exercises actually build strength or they just an expression of strength?
I’ve never thought that you improve your plyos by doing plyos (apart from any co-ordination/timing issues).

whoa, those one legged plyos… can you spell SHIN SPLINTS??:smiley:
strong stuff anyways…

So that converts to 5.5 feet? How tall is that guy?

5 feet 7 inch

So he is jumping over his height…during these hurdles.

Yeah those single legg hops are crazy :eek:

How much did he wiegh during the early 90’s? Christie was insanley developed.

That was Marc McKoy running beside the hurdles doing E,F,E drill.

He looked pretty good.

Is there any particular emphasis during the fast and the second easy? Angles, turn over etc or is it: run fast? And on the sond easy are you maintaining speed and form or are you decellerating?

Around 87kg