Linear periodization

Mr. Francis do you use linear periodization models with your sprinters? During GPP should I stay with 3x6-10 reps or would it be better to do 6x5, 10x3 etc?

I think both are good methods but i probably would lean towards a linear method for sprinters, 6-10 during gpp and 3-5 for spp.

What is the experience of the athletes?

With my less experienced athletes I tend just to use a similar set and reps scheme and let progressive improvement happen linearly, with more experienced athletes I will modify sets and reps more but only within certain ranges.

I tend to use the KISS approach.

Post Collegiate athlete, late 20’s.

I would still perfer to go with 6-10reps because this rep range only represent a small % of your yearly training cycle and will develop a good base for a track athlete.

With all my athletes I have just given a rep range of say 6 -10 and when they do the proscribe sets and reps I up the weight. I tend to prefer quality sets so if the athelete stops at 10 and they can do more, I prefer them to do more. Hope that makes sense.

The only athletes I swap around more regularly are athletes with a lot of experience.

Last season one athlete, in 2nd year of weights, doubled there bench press and snatch in 16 weeks without changing sets and reps. Another athlete improved by 10% in the clean over 8 weeks prior to not improving for another 2 weeks - this athlete has lifted for 8 years.