Limiting sprints to 95% by limiting acceleration distances?

Would it be possible(Charlie and others) to limit certain sprint distances to create 95% intensity? For example limit(purely hypothetical-I’m not offering exact distances just possible examples) a 11.1-11.2 100m performer by sprinting 30m by accelerating maximally for 25m and merely holding the additional 5m and not trying to continue to accelerate for the entire 30m distance? Further to this concept taking a 12.5 100m person and accelerating maximally for 20m and maintaining remaining distance of 10m? Would such a method work and if so what type of distances through say 50m or less would correspond well with performers of differing abilities? Example 10.5 100m accelerate to 32m and then hold remaining 8m of 40m sprint. Or is the only way to do this have the athlete accelerate submaximally from the blocks en route to entire distance? I suppose different athletes come about these times via different abilities-one might accelerate more efficiently while the other athlete might arrive at same time via better/higher max. velocity. I realize this a lot of questions but have wondered about many of them for some time now.

The difference between 95% and 100% best time would be such a slight difference in the distance accelerated over that it would be tough to judge, especially as much of the difference is over the later section. (If you accel for 50m to reach 100%, then you’d prob be at 95% by aprox 48m- tough to judge really, other than by feel.

So the best way to achieve the 95% intensity would be to accelerate to say 30m(as in 4 x 30m at 95%) at least slightly submaximally and time each rep(as you have indicated in the past) in order to ensure the 95% time is achieved(and no higher)?

I suppose, but you’d have to go by the feel the athlete gets in achieving the set time.

Charlie, I know this subject has been discussed here before but I could not find anything on it-specifically- with the search engine. What is the best way to come about or guide the athletes through a 95% only speed session? What steps do you take to ensure that they hit these times or at least very close?

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You can’t be sure to get the times but you can come close with some trial and error.

Thanks. So you do time virtually ever run?

Yes, for speed work- even 95%.

Thanks for the clarification.