lifting routine for a triathlete

alright, here is the situation. My uncle has been running in marathons, been running for a few years. His marathon times are around 3:10-15, but now he wants to try triathlons. He’s taking swimming lessons and working on a bike, and he wants to know if he can benefit from some lifting. And, being an olympic lifter, I know nothing about this type of training. He has been lifting for a little while, but nothing special probably just bodybuilding workouts lots of machine work etc. So, my question is what would be a basic 2-3 day a week routine for someone looking to be a triathlete. Obviously olympic lifts are out of the question because of the learning curve. Thanks for the help

He would benefit a lot from elastic strength work like plyometrics. Medicine ball work would also be good. You really would want to stay away from gaining too much mass because that would hurt endurance abilities because of the extra, unnecessary weight.

thx davan. Can you elaborate a little on what kinda med ball work and stuff he should do?

A friend of mine comptetes, she doesn’t do ANY weights. Due to the amount of specific training she does. She only worries about stretching and core work in the gym.

That being said i know many other who do their weights!

So if he wants to do weights the main emphais on strengthing the legs, lower back, abs and upper back.

Nightmare4D would be a good person to ask on this point.
Have a look through all his posts and see what his posts say.