Leroy Burrell sprint training

I found some article about speed training by Leroy Burrell. There are a lot of running like 800-600-400 or 600-500-400 or 10x100m or 6x150m… But what more important is how fast are run. Do you have any info about their training? Rest and pace? Thanx…


It would be helpful if such programs showed info about rest and especially pace. I would expect that the longer runs done earlier on would avoid lactic acumm. so not that fast. As training progresses the distances drop slightly and probably involve a high degree of lactic accum. The 10 x 100m intervals may start as tempo and move quicker later on, I am not sure. Maybe a long to short approach.

i personally have posted SMTC programmes a looong while ago. monday is breakdown day- starts off with 8/6/4 and tapers down to 4/3/2 over months. pace increases naturally as distance decreases and as the athlete progresses. tues can be 10x100/6x160 tempo wed-starts over various distances below 60m thursday-accelerations reaching top at 60m etc etc.

technique is massive with coach t and always has been.


Do they ever go back to 800 breakdowns?

Those SMTC programs posted stop before spring/summer training.

What is the rest on those breakdowns, I have heard 1 Lap walk.

Many sprinters would perform the 4/3/2 near 95% pre season but what about the 8/6/4, would there be something left at the end of the 4? I am thinking only moderate pain for this early session.

So 10x100m means like tempo 70-75%? and it is walk back? And for the rest it can be like 5min or 10min or longer? It is not long when I saw some training run with C. Lewis over 450m it is on youtube… around 55sec.

the 8/6/4 is done in the fall and it tapers down from there to indoors. after indoors it may go back up to 6/5/4 but never back up to 800. recovery is full recovery!

so all runs done as fast as possible? (or near to)

X- man, do you have some times from their workouts? How fast did they run these breakdowns?

as the sessions progressed they would obviously get faster. coach t often stated that mike marsh could drop an easy 44 400m in training

yep, this is a tricky one. I am still thinking most would begin aerobic on the longer runs aiming to come home comfortable, then hit it on the 400m. Go too hard on sessions like these and you burn yourself out.

all i can say is to try the breakdown session. youl learn fast bout what im trying to say. as you go from 6-400 and so on you will tend to get more confident hence run faster but try the sessions!

I am going to try them, starting next month.

Ouch, these sound painful! Sounds like intensive tempo work really since how fast can you run 8-6-4 in that order? I suppose this would get you mentally strong though just to get used to covering that distance in a decent pace. Defintely sounds long to short or some hybrid combination of endurance and speed work.

“Mondays it’s “breakdowns,” full-speed sprints of 500, 400, 300 and 200 meters, with ten minutes of rest between each one. Other days she’ll sprint 150 meters, then walk 250, then repeat the cycle six times. Or she’ll practice gun starts, blasting out of the blocks five or ten times with all the speed and intensity of a real race. After all these workouts come strenuous jumping exercises that prepare her leg muscles to explode on demand. Two days a week she’s in the weight room for an hour or two at a time.”

Found from an article about SMTC.


400m 300m 200m

Good stuff.

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Is it possible to post those workouts again.

Leroy Burrel came to see Charlie post 1988 but he never worked with him.

A few years later Charlie and I also went to Florida for 2 weeks in 1991( not exactly sure of the dates but it was around that time) to work with Michelle ( Finn) She was very hard working and organized and grounded. I liked her a lot.